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Nestled between the majestic Himalayan Mountains and the steamy plains of India, Nepal is a unique country of stupas and monasteries, medieval city squares, seemingly endless rugged hiking trails, and friendly people. Mountains cover about three quarters of this country that is home to 31 million people.

Returning to Nepal: the most fun we have had anywhere in this world

Returning to Nepal: the most fun we have had anywhere in this world
Message from Wildland alumni after returning from a custom trip to India and Nepal. Dear Wildland,   Debbie, Jesse and I returned home safely.  We have had some really great trips in our lives, but this was the best.  Outstanding, fantastic.  Despite the ungodly heat and monsoon rains, we never had a better time.  Everything was seamless without any aggravation or confusion.   Your itinerary was perfect as regards what we wanted to see... There was always cold bottled water on hand.  If we wanted some "street food" the guides knew where to go and we NEVER got sick.   All of the guides and drivers were helpful and the guides were extremely knowledgeable.  Having travelled to India and Nepal many years ago, I was afraid that the trip might be "too sanitized" and my family would not experience the real India.  The guides took care of that and were more...
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