Travelers Welcome Refugees

As travelers, we've experienced the excitement and anxiety of being foreigners in an unknown country, but for refugees the stakes are much higher. They come with few belongings, fleeing from danger; they cannot return home. They face many obstacles when they arrive, such as learning English, finding a home and jobs. Thankfu...
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10 Reasons Why Chile's Trending in 2018

Chile was recently named the top country to visit in 2018 by Lonely Planet and we couldn't agree more. The longest, thinnest country in the world, this sliver of land is sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountain range and spans over half of South America. Chile boasts a tremendous amount of geographic...
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Wild Welcome for Refugees (Giving Tuesday Nov 28th)

Hussein found himself on an overcrowded boat from Turkey to Greece for three days. He remembers well the fear he felt in that moment: "You choose between two points. There is death here and death there. I just preferred the sea more than to return to Iraq and the horror".  Tens of thousands of refugees, like Hussein and his family, come t...
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Permits released early to trek the Inca Trail; book your trip now!

To conserve and protect Machu Piccu and the surrounding areas, the Peruvian government limits travelers on the Inca Trail to 500 people per day, which includes all guides and porters. Peak season periods from May through October often sell out 6 months in advance and permits are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.  2018 Inca Trail pe...
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The 15 Best Boutique Hotels for Travelers

Where you kick up your feet at the end of each day and arise the next morning to begin your next adventure, is an opportunity to immerse yourself into a truly authentic travel experience. What better path to discovery is there than to be welcomed by hosts in an abode that reflects the beauty of the locale and the charm of its people? Boutique hotel...
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