Venture with us on a Wildland Nicaragua adventure and enter the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes: a place where our friendly, local guides will help you discover this region’s grand Spanish colonial heritage, quaint rural villages, friendly native peoples and lush landscapes. 

The 15 Best Boutique Hotels for Travelers

Where you kick up your feet at the end of each day and arise the next morning to begin your next adventure, is an opportunity to immerse yourself into a truly authentic travel experience. What better path to discovery is there than to be welcomed by hosts in an abode that reflects the beauty of the locale and the charm of its people? Boutique hotel...
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Scientists Go Sandboarding (and more) in Nicaragua

Long-time Wildland travelers, Duke and Gabrielle, wanted to escape the winter doldrums for the tropics and asked me to create a custom version of our Nicaragua Highlands and Islands Adventure trip . Duke and Gabrielle are serious and experienced travelers and they both have the inquisitive minds of retired scientists. They appreciate more...
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Get to know your guides: Lou Van Zwanenberg

Lou is a foodie and really knows how to choose the best restaurants for our travelers on their adventures in Nicaragua . She is passionate about her work, has a  great sense of humor, and adds lots of fun to the travel experience. Even though she is not a native Nicaraguan everyone seems to know her and her energy is contagious and inspiring. ...
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A Couple's Adventures in Nicaragua

Susan came to us because she wanted a tropical vacation in Nicaragua  to escape the doldrums of winter. She had traveled to other countries in Central America and was interested in the flora, fauna and politics of Nicaragua. She wanted a combination of activity, exploration and relaxation for herself and her travel partner, so our  N...
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Venturing off the beaten path in Nicaragua

The Pass family wanted to go somewhere off the beaten path that wasn't overrun with travelers. I designed a custom trip for their family to Nicaragua, packed with activities, cultural experiences, and wildlife. They had a blast sandboarding and exploring active volcanos, as well as the seeing the flora and fauna o...
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