Where to go on Safari in Africa Part 1: East Africa

Where to go on Safari in Africa Part 1: East Africa
Africa is HUGE! How huge? You could stuff the USA, Mexico, Peru, China, and India inside its borders and still have room for Japan, New Zealand, Nepal, Bangladesh and ALL of Europe with room to spare!! The continent is vast and varied, to say the least. Deciding where to go in Africa is your first decision when planning your safari. Each destination offers an experience that is unique and awe-inspiring; whether you travel to Eastern Africa or Southern Africa the wildlife will astound you. On a Wildland Adventures African safari, your most memorable and meaningful experiences will be among the people you meet, our exceptional guides and the indigenous people. Africa Program Director, Chris Moriarty , has spent years exploring the continent and can help you decide what will be best for you. This blog begins my three part series on where to go on safari in Africa and for...
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