There is a special indescribable magic in women traveling together that has to be experienced to be understood. A Wildland women’s trip is a shared adventure that intentionally creates opportunities for meaningful interaction for local women and deep connection with an unfamiliar culture.

6 Women Who are Changing the Face of Adventure Right Now

The face of adventure is changing. Not only are their more women than ever working and playing in arenas that were once dominated by men, but the definition of adventure is changing as well. Our women's travel team recently attended She Ventures, an event designed for women to celebrate and ignite adventure as a way of life. 6 women leaders from di...
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New Zealand & Nature Rank Highest in Women's Travel Survey

The results of our women's travel survey are in and we're excited to share them! We polled our women alumni and women who had never traveled with us and asked them if they were interested in women's travel,  where they wanted to go next, what they want to do on trips, and why they like/want to travel with other women. We were ex...
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Wildland Women Talk Travel: Part 3 (Laura Cahill)

Born into a military family, the travel bug bit Laura Cahill early as she traveled all over the US with her family as a child. She earned a Master's Degree in Cultural Geography, where her research took her to the Republic of Georgia, researching families involved in rural to urban migration. While leading a group...
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Top 4 Reasons: Why "Women's Only" Travel?

You might think the only reason to choose "woman's only" travel is by default, because you don't have a travel partner, but there are actually many reasons why woman choose "women's only" travel.  1. Women traveling together have a ton of fun When it comes to traveling in unfamiliar territory, every day facing new experienc...
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5 ways to beat boredom while traveling

Travel can be the most exhilarating, transformational experience, but it can also be dreadfully boring at times. A long flight or transport can bring anyone's spirits down, but with just a little preparation you need never be bored on your next trip!  1. Indulge in a trashy novel or a book series that you might not normally read...
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