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There is a special indescribable magic in women traveling together that has to be experienced to be understood. A Wildland women’s trip is a shared adventure that intentionally creates opportunities for meaningful interaction for local women and deep connection with an unfamiliar culture.

Q & A with Women's Travel Leader Sheri Goodwin

Sheri Goodwin, a women's health and wellness coach, is leading a special women's-only trekking adventure to Machu Picchu in July of 2014.  Based out of Seattle's Greenlake neighborhood, Sheri provides customized personal training, energy healing and wellness therapy geared towards helping women become healthier, look and feel better, regain energy and experience increased confidence. Many of Sheri's clients contact her with a specific goal in mind, such as getting in shape to climb Kilimanjaro, run a marathon or embark on a challenging trek in Peru. We sat down with Sheri to find out what inspires her to lead other women on life-changing adventures around the globe!  1.) What made you want to become a trip leader?  I started my travels working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean and helped engage passengers with games of shuffleboard, ping pong, & volleyball tournaments as well as leading trivia nights, karaoke and dance parties! I left that job with enough money to...
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Guest — Hamish Healey
What a great job to have, getting to train and motivate people who want to attempt difficult adventures and improve themselves... Read More
Wednesday, 27 November 2013 07:54
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Trekking to Machu Picchu as a Solo Woman Traveler

Guest Review from our Machu Picchu Mountain Lodges Trek  “Although hiking in the high altitude caused me to fall behind the main group, trekking up to the high pass on the second day with the additional local escorts/guides was a great experience. On that second day one guide walked with me who later performed a blessing for the group. We didn't have a common language but still communicated. He helped me walk across a ledge and made me feel safe. I so much enjoyed the time with him during the trek telling him my English and Chinese names. His name was Luciano and had such a kind spirit. I really enjoyed the assistant guide, Alfredo’s guidance and support. I didn't realize that the altitude was slowing me down and it put me behind the group. Alfredo coached me on my trekking technique and breathing. He was very encouraging that I was doing...
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