In Zambia, the “hidden jewel of wild Africa,” venture with us into the heart of a pristine African wilderness by foot, vehicle and canoe. With vast, protected areas of wildlife habitats in some of Africa’s largest (and least-visited) national parks, Zambia is the best place for an active and adventurous safari. Watch for hippos and crocodiles who thrive in flooded lowlands, leopards who lounge in the remote tundra of Luangwa Valley, elephants who visit the safari camps and lodges at dusk, endemic and migratory birds who sing high in the trees and graceful herds of red lechwe antelope who travel through the vast Kafue National Park.

Why Africa is Honeymoon Heaven

Planning a wedding is a lot of work; your honeymoon should be the easy part right? Unfortunately, with the whole world at your fingertips, the idea of finding the perfect honeymoon can be daunting. The good news is there's one continent that has absolutely everything . . . AFRICA! Typically not a sought after honeymoon dest...
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Guest Review: "Zambia was, as you told me, absolutely amazing!"

​I had a great time planning a custom safari trip to Zambia for Erica and her neice and I was happy to hear they loved the activities, wildlife, and their accomodations. Below are some great pictures from their trip too! "Thanks Chris and Wildland! Both my niece and I really had a great time. I KNOW she learned a lot. She loved hearing the hip...
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What luggage to bring for your Southern Africa Safari

In Southern Africa (Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe) many of our itineraries include this note:  ​ Baggage in charter aircraft is restricted to 20kg (44lbs) per person in a soft bag ,  including camera equipment and carry-on baggage. Only soft bags   such as a duffle bag will be accepted - n o wh eels, frames or rig...
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Botswana and Zambia Safari

Botswana and Zambia Safari
Wild couple, Bill and Gregory just returned from their 10-day Wildland safari in Botswana and Zambia  and according to Bill, " We had a heck of a time and the fact that you pulled off all of the logistics is astounding. The places we stayed were absolutely awesome and the people amazing. Wildland did a really good job. " Both guests had previously traveled with Wildland to Peru and were able to apply their Wildland Alumni Loyalty discount to this trip to see the Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls and safari. They rated their guides as " darn good"  particularly their " guide Russ at Pelo was absolutely awesome; Jacob in the Lower Zambezi was very good and the same for John and Prince at the Luwi and Nsolo bush camps in South Luangwa ." These travelers ate well along the way too, " all the meals were very good, with the...
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Elephants of Mfuwe Lodge

Elephants of Mfuwe Lodge
Now is the season when the mango tree at Mfuwe Lodge is fruiting, and their large, grey, wrinkled guests start arriving. Watch these funny guests checking in for the annual stay and share the fun with your Facebook friends: From one generation to the another, mothers teach their offspring that there is a delicious big mango tree in the courtyard of the lodge, but they have to pass through the lobby to get there!  Watch the little ones negotiating the stairs...the fruit is just too tempting so they figure out how to negotiate the challenging footing.  During our South Luangwa Wild Walking Safari last May we woke up one morning at Mfuwe to a knock on our door and the jeep at our porch. "Mam, there are lions outside your door. If you want to go to breakfast now, please get in the vehicle and we will drive you to...
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