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Catering to Boomer Travelers, Part II

In my initial response, Catering to Boomer Travelers Part Ifrom a query I received by a Wall Street Journal writer asking us how boomer travelers ages 50 plus can live an interesting life into their senior years I replied, "Travel, of course!!"

She also asked me what kinds of trips we offer and some revealing characteristics that distinguish our adventure travel company from others. This is how I replied to her:

Spirit of Adventure: 
Wildland Adventures are physical, intellectual and spiritual adventures versus a physically risky or arduous challenge. The real adventure comes from new insights, experiencing the awe found in nature, encounters with local cultures, and the excitement of personal discovery that we strive to build into every itinerary and encourage in the spirit of every traveler. We know that creating indelible bonds, breaking down barriers that separate and divide, and facilitating situations where travelers can feel part of a local community or family creates the true adventure found in every Wildland journey.
In between their Kenya safari adventures Wildland travelers, Jeff and Jane Zimmerman, pose with two students in front of the school where they contributed a computer lab and other facilities for a remote village. 

Wildland Adventures was founded on the principle that culturally and environmentally responsible travel can be a powerful force for change. I founded the Travelers Conservation Trust (TCT) in 1986 by as a non-profit, affiliate program of Wildland Adventures that allows our travelers to support local conservation initiatives and small-scale community development projects. We carefully select the partners we work with based on their commitment to conservation and sustainable operations.

Discovery and Learning: 
The direct involvement of our professional local guides in helping to develop and lead Wildland Adventures ensures our guests have an exceptionally informed, well-executed, and authentic experience. The most important aspect of discovery and learning is to participate in the actual daily lives of people in the cultures and destinations we visit rather than simply traveling through them. Therefore, we carefully design these interactive personal experiences into our itineraries for meaningful interactions with local people of all different walks of life including home stays and meals in local homes, spiritual and religious ceremonies, harvest and cooking opportunities, and participating in local initiatives like women's co-ops and community-based cultural programs that introduce travelers to local lifestyles. We also train our local guides to look for spontaneous cultural encounters for guests to interact in typical daily life events. Furthermore, by traveling with greater sensitivity as conscientious travelers we not only provide an alternative to exploitative and destructive aspects of tourism, but we also strive to share more sustainable lifestyles with our travelers that we can all adapt in our own way of life back home.
A Wildland Adventures group participates in a "Pago a la Tierra" ceremony with a Quechua shaman in the Urubamba Valley blessing our good fortune before starting the Inca Trail Trek on our Peru adventure. 

Customer Service and Satisfaction:
At Wildland Adventures, our highest priorities are sincerity, good faith and genuineness - they're all part of the ethic we embrace in approaching our world and the people and cultures we share it with. Our high degree of repeat travelers is testament to our personal attention to details and responsiveness to resolving problems or service-related issues when they arise, as they inevitably do in adventure travel. Our Code of Ethics for Nature and Culture Travelers, provided to all travelers, exemplifies how we design and conduct our trips to create opportunities for authentic, meaningful and beneficial cross-cultural interactions between hosts and guests.
Our Wildland group of mostly alumni travelers poses with our trekking crew and staff celebrating our good fortune after completing the Inca Trail Trek in Peru.

Learn more about our different travel styles for boomers, as well as family vacations and multi-generational travel, honeymoon adventures and romantic getaways, adventure cruises, and custom travel services.

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