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COVID-19 Coronavirus Travel Update

coronavirus travel updates
First and foremost, guest safety is our highest priority. Our general policy in response to world health concerns is to follow the advice of the CDC and WHO as we monitor world pandemics and local disease outbreaks. At this time the CDC recommends against travel to China and recommends normal precautions for travel to other countries. Since Wildland Adventures does not offer travel to China, all of our trips are operating as scheduled. If you have any questions regarding the planning of your trip or the status of a confirmed itinerary please do not hesitate to contact us. We will keep this blog up-to-date as we closely watch the developing situation.

Feb 27, 2020
We are carefully monitoring concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19​) by following international health authorities and maintaining close communication with our networks on the ground throughout the world. Our professional colleagues in host countries have current and authoritative on-the-ground sources from public health officials in their respective countries.

As China is the source of the virus with the highest concentration of cases by far, the US State Department recommends against travel to China. Furthermore, other countries around the world are either restricting, isolating and otherwise monitoring travelers coming from or traveling through mainland China. ​

Travelers who have not traveled through China or otherwise been exposed to known cases of the virus are not being restricted from and international border crossings. There are no country travel bans outside China nor tourism site closures in Wildland destinations at this time so all our confirmed itineraries are operating normally including trips throughout Southeast Asia. ​Many countries in Southeast Asia and throughout the world, including the United States, are monitoring  passengers arriving at leading airports.

Will travel insurance coverage apply?
This outbreak is now a known event and Travelex Insurance plans underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance would need to be purchased prior to 1.21.2020 for trip cancellation or interruption coverage to apply.

It is important to note that fear of travel, travel advisories and destination being inaccessible due to this illness are not covered risks under the Travelex Insurance policies. Should a traveler become ill during their trip, coverage may be available for emergency medical assistance and expenses, as well as emergency medical evacuation. Plans where the Cancel for Any Reason upgrade has been purchased allow travelers to decide for themselves whether to travel or cancel their trip according to the terms of the plan.​

We continue to follow international health reports and assess conditions on the ground in close collaboration with our in-country colleagues. Should health authorities or the US State Department issue a travel ban to any Wildland Adventures destination we will make alternative arrangements and request a refund for any deposits already forwarded to local suppliers. ​

While there are an increasing number of cases of coronavirus in countries outside China, including in the US, as a matter of perspective,  22 million people have contracted the flu this season in the United States resulting in 12,000 deaths (
CDC flu report). 

For more information, we recommend the WHO report: questions and answers on the coronavirus.  

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