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Costa Rica and India - End of the World

We asked Wildland President Kurt Kutay and Wildland Vice President Anne Kutay where they would go if December 21, 2013 was really the end of the world....
Kurt Kutay
I would return to Costa Rica, that's where it all started for me when I worked for their National Park Service. The rainforest feels like home to me, the Garden of Eden from whence most creatures have evolved and can still be found today. The Mayan calendar reminds us to live every day and we are encouraging everyone to even start to research how and when they can make that special journey, even our team at Wildland.

Anne Kutay
I would return to India! Why do I want to go back? Because after one trip there I feel I do not understand the mystery that is India. Perhaps it can’t be explained and must be experienced. I would want to savor India slowly before the world came to an end. If I could only bring a couple of things with me of course I'd bring my family, including our dog Romeo and my kindle.
Your friendly travel experts,
Kurt and Anne Kutay
Where would you go if the world was coming to an end? Leave a comment and tell us.
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