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Costa Rica Family Travel | New Movement Promotes Connection and Sustainability


A new, fast-growing movement called New Urbanism is sprouting in Costa Rica, laying the blueprint for the resort town of Las Catalinas and attracting travelers looking for eco-friendly vacations. Seeking to promote more human connectivity and sustainability, led by eco-friendly city planners and community designers, the movements goal is to create the perfect town, a mix of the city and the suburbs with all of the perks of both. Developments and houses are designed close together for more walk-ability but also for privacy, along with many green communal spaces to promote more interaction with neighbors. Shops, spas, restaurants and water activities abound, all accessible by walking and the beach and forest offer an array of activities.

Located on the Pacific coast of Northern Costa Rica, Las Catalinas spans 1,199 acres but only 20% of it is zoned for development. The rest is designated for conservation efforts and is intertwined with hiking and biking trails for people to be active and immersed in nature. Support of local communities is also a priority and the town works with the local government to fund needed projects that benefit all of the surrounding communities.

Designed with quality of life as the highest priority, and sandwiched between the ocean and acres of lush forest, Las Catalinas is an ideal and unique destination for families to vacation. While construction is still happening in some neighborhoods, there are a variety of units and villas available well away from the noise. If you're interested in a vacation to Costa Rica and this sounds like a good fit for your family give me a call and I'd love to help you plan the perfect vacation.

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Grettel Calderon

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