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Cycle through Angkor Wat


 From tour buses to tuk-tuks, there are many ways to visit Cambodia's treasured Angkor Wat temple complex, but if you're looking for a truly intimate experience immersed in the beauty of Mother Nature and the spirituality of the temples, nothing will bring you closer to this than visiting Angkor by bicycle. More than two million foreigners visit Angkor Wat every year and while that's great for Cambodia, the presence of so many sightseers and tour groups can sometimes take the enchantment out of this special occasion. But from the seat of a bicycle it's a different story...

Leaving behind the tour buses, taxi rides, and throngs of tourists, enter the temple complex by way of a small scenic trail. The bike path wends its way through picturesque paddy fields and quaint little villages, dodging the occasional untethered cow, while encountering locals and their children eager to welcome you. Pedaling around the hidden trails of the Angkor complex allows you to see some of the best kept secrets and the iconic temples of the Bayon, Ta Prom, and the Elephant Terrace. Sticking to these lesser-known trails and paths keeps you away from the frenzied crowds and allows you to focus purely on the beauty of the surrounding countryside and temples. 

Taking this excursion at sunrise or sunset are ideal times to avoid the heat of the day, witness the locals moving about their daily lives in the countryside, and not to mention experiencing the Angkor Wat temple complex unburdened by crowds of tourists. The ride is predominantly on flat tracks and small roads, there are no hills in the area so anyone who can reasonably ride a bike can do this tour. From June until January, Angkor Wat's ancient monuments are surrounded by an endless sea of emerald green rice fields, sugar palm trees, and lush tropical forest, ensuring that nature is at its best. Check out the video below to see our biking Angkor adventure in action!

This biking tour is already included in our Pearls of Indochina Active Adventure, but can be added to any of our Cambodia itineraries visiting Siem Reap or a customized itinerary that we can create for you! Take the alternative path and explore this remarkable place on two-wheels! 

To learn more about trips to Cambodia give us a call at 800-345-4453.

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