Don't wait for a travel companion. Going solo may be the best!

Don't wait for a travel companion.  Going solo may be the best!

One of my favorite aspects of my position as a Program Director at Wildland Adventures is receiving post-trip emails from happy travelers!  Whether they use words like "transformed by..." or something as truly remarkable as "My doctor says she is going to start prescribing the Galapagos Islands for her patients with high blood pressure....mine came way down!" it's a gift to know we positively affect our travelers' lives.  I absolutely LOVE to read evaluations from solo women travelers, people who initiated our conversations reticent about taking on a big trip as a single traveler, but didn't want to wait for someone else to join her.  This was the case with a recent traveler to Ecuador and the Galapagos, Joanne Pires, who had called me to plan a post-birthday celebration.  A bubbling-over evaluation included this gem of a passage:


Joanne P in the Galapagos

"Sherry, this truly was a wonderful trip.  Thank you so much for the encouragement to do this on my own.  And for such perfect planning, so I never felt unsafe or alone.  I had great fellow passengers...and two women there with their husbands and kids told me how inspiring I was and they wanted to travel alone.  So yes, this is the beginning of future trips, with others or alone!  Africa is definitely on the list in the next two years...I'm hoping my sister and daughter will be joining me but if not, I'm going alone!  What a wonderful job you have and you do it so well!"

Have you ladies out there experienced solo travel?  If not, would you consider it?  Why wait until you have a companion?  The female Program Directors of Wildland Adventures encourage you to call us and/or check our "Travelers Wanted" page, a great spot for solo travelers looking to join an existing trip. Traveling solo not only empowers you, it forces you out of your comfort zone and creates connections with others you meet along the way, expanding your world - and your confidence - with each new encounter. Our in-country guides know how to smooth the way for these experiences as well as allow personal space when needed.

And if you HAVE traveled on a solo trip with Wildland Adventures, we would love to hear about it.  Our guest bloggers give us some of our best reading, and their enthusiasm - and advice - are invaluable. Send us your story, how you decided to travel alone and what you learned from the experience.  Photos are always welcome!  



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