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Enchanted by Adventure in the Brazilian Amazon

Enchanted by Adventure in the Brazilian Amazon

Falling asleep to claps of thunder and waking up to howler monkeys calling in the canopy outside my window this August were just fragments of the beautiful dream I stepped into while spending almost 3 weeks in the Brazilian Amazon.

Evening storms brewing on the horizon

Each morning, as the sun slowly reared its mighty head over the lush horizon, I woke up to run along miles of trails that wound in and out of the exotic jungle. Running before the intense heat of midday meant comingling with families of squirrel monkeys, dodging sleepy caimans and watching majestic white herons take flight.

Squirrel monkey family

During the day we ascended ropes into the dense canopy to gain a new perspective from the tops of ancient Samauma trees and swam with powerful pink river dolphins. We paddled in the quiet off shooting rivers and lakes as the sun started to set and watched as the Milky Way painted the sky.

Canopy climbing in the Samauma trees

Swimming with pink dolphins

Paddling at sunset

The Amazon is untamed, raw and stunningly beautiful; it is humbling, as every aspect of it dwarfs the human form and leaves one feeling exposed and simultaneously entranced. The air is thick and the perfumed heat carries notes of bromeliads and orchids as it leisurely snakes its way across the massive and mighty Negro and Solimoes Rivers.

Amazon from above

My time in the jungle ended with a breath taking prop-plane flight above the Anavilhanas Archipelago, the largest in the region, and an invigorating plunge into the legendary meeting of the waters where the Solimoes and Negro rivers become one in the same: the beginning of the Amazon.

Taking off in the prop-plane

Flying over the Anavilhanas Archipelago

Jumping into the meeting of the waters

To learn more about our new Brazil adventures and Wildland Adventures to the Amazon, feel free to contact me!

Your friendly South America Program Director,

Gretchen Traut

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