Encountering a tiger in the wild! Amazing video...

How do you find a tiger in wild, and what's it like when you encounter one? On just one trip of our Tigers and Travels in India several tiger sightings were caught on film by a professional Indian filmmaker who was traveling with us and captured on this video including a tiger walking straight towards our vehicle!
Grace Liu's picture of the tiger walking straight towards our jeep.
"My heart was pounding, like it was out of my chest!", exclaimed Patty Webb.
"It was awesome, amazing, to see her walking towards us, looking right at us, and how graceful she was," says Grace Liu.
"You feel that you're the guest, and she's the master," relates Olena Voloshyna.
"We didn't expect her to stay on the road, but she did, ever so slowly, and we kept backing up, and backing up," recounted Lorraine Ruffing.

When searching for a tiger in the wildlands of India first you listen. So we stop the jeep, turn off the engine and listen for the telltale honk of a sambar, or the shriek of a chital deer, or the loud cough of a langur monkey. They see or hear the predator long before we do and call out a warning that there is a tiger on the prowl. Our guide and driver consult each other, and then we move off in the direction of the calls. Then we stop again to listen, and they can actually tell what direction the tiger is moving from where the alarm calls are now originating. So, we strategically move into place where our naturalist India guide and driver expect the tiger will emerge from the forest.

On our Tigers and Travels adventure in India, we go to Kanha and Bandavgarh National Parks in north-central India because these parks are one of the last strongholds of the Royal Bengal tiger with the highest density of tigers on the sub-continent.  And, we spend 3 nights in each park to maximize your chances of seeing tiger: last year about 90% of our travelers saw tiger at least once, and lots of other amazing wildlife like sloth bear, Indian bison, wild boar, leopard, and much more.  During our time in these parks we usually have one opportunity to ride into the jungle on elephant to track down a tiger!

Because we spend so much time on tiger safaris in India, Tiger Nation, an Indian tiger research and clearinghouse organization we support, relies on Wildland India travelers and other visitors to  share our pictures and report our sightings to help them document tiger movements, territories and family structure. They each have a name, like Charmeli, Nalini, Balu, each one easily identified by biologists according to their unique pattern of stripes.

Enjoying a meal in a local home on tour India tour.
And while tigers are a highlight on this 19-day trip, it's recognized as one of the most comprehensive and in-depth nature and cultural adventures in India as attested by Wildland alumni traveler, Ave Gerdes:
Every trip you do is so unique and special. Our trip to India was another phenomenal experience! This trip has it all, it covered everything from tiger reserves to cultural sites throughout Rajasthan. You put so much into every trip it’s worth every penny every second! I was the luckiest one in the group when it came to the wildlife. I spent an hour watching a tiger!!! 
Ready to go on a search for the elusive Bengal tiger of India? Contact India Program Director, Laura Finkelstein.
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