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Exploring Peru and Argentina for 30 Days

Exploring Peru and Argentina for 30 Days

Beginning with a trip to visit family and friends in Stockholm, Berlin and Bulgaria, 2014 commenced with a festive bang! This was just the warm up though, for what was yet to come. In August, I set out to Peru for four weeks of exploring the contrasting, ancient-modern urban centers, trekking the Inca Trail, piranha fishing and swimming in the Amazon, boating on Lake Titicaca, and eating the best ceviche of my life in a quiet fishing village on the sea. All the while surrounded by warm, inviting and inspiring people. After having lived between Seattle and Argentina for almost nine years, Peru was an exciting window to another invigorating facet of Latin America’s rich diversity.

Peru is a land of contrast as much geographically, as it is culturally, architecturally, visually, and gastronomically. In the west, the coast is dry, tracing its way north and south along the Pacific. To the East are the staggering Andes and beyond their regal peaks, begins the wild and mysterious Amazon region. Its vibrant myriad of landscapes, biodiversity, and customs kaleidoscope into a beautiful chaos that will never cease to deliver wonder, adventure and wisdom.

My travels ended in Salta, in northwest Argentina for the Latin America Travel Mart. Flying into Argentina felt like a homecoming; touching down in Buenos Aires, with the jacaranda-lined boulevards, gave me a feeling of comfort and happiness. In Salta, I had the chance to reconnect with our colleagues and partners from Peru, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. This was such a wonderful experience, as it was a chance to strategize and discuss new endeavors, opportunities and adventures for the upcoming year; most of all, it helped to highlight the sense of family and community we have within our Wildland network and solidified how happy I am to be a new part of that community.  

Your friendly South America expert,

Gretchen Traut

Got questions about traveling to South America? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about our trips to South America.

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