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Family Adventures in Greece


John and Stacey, have been traveling with us for over 10 years. Since their first trip to Costa Rica they have visited different countries in Africa, South America and Asia. For their 13th trip with us they wanted to learn about the history and culture of Greece and explore the Cyclade Islands in the Aegean Sea with their two sons. John and Stacey recently visited the British Museum in London, spending most of their time in the Greece galleries. When they returned home they were inspired and enthusiastic to see the origins of these amazing displays. I worked with them to make sure the "must see" places were covered, still saving time for outdoor sports, relaxation, sailing, and exploring spectacular islands. I created a custom two-week experience for them, similar to our Greece Family Adventure trip. 

"Frankly, every aspect of the trip was outstanding. The mixture of the historical (Athens, Olympia, Delphi) and active (hiking, rafting, kayaking, sailing) components was a real positive. "We had a terrific time and were able to do everything on the itinerary."   

They loved their local guide, Christos, who drove them everywhere and smoothed out any unexpected rough spots, including a ferry stike, which makes island travel very difficult! I was able to work with Cristos to make last minute arrangements to make their transitions to the islands effortless, and even when the strike extended he found ways to get them to each destination without interrupting their itinerary.

Christos, who served as our local guide was outstanding! He was a very pleasant and knowledgeable, with an excellent demeanor and very good driving skills. Christos did an outstanding job of helping us select all the right things, even included meals."  

Christos, with the family, pictured below. (far left)

I also arranged a "special surprise tour" given by a Byzantine art expert who literally wrote the book now used by professional guides at Hosios Loukas monastery. It was the perfect fit for the family because one of their sons studied world religions and lived for a time in a Buddhist monastery in Burma. Their guide was able to take them into areas normally off-limits to visitors and shared the intimate history of the building, artwork, stories, and renovation of Hosios Loukas. 

"We were blown away by the ancient sites and truly appreciated the special tour arranged by Wildland at Hosios Loukas. It was extraordinarily interesting and enabled us to see some "behind the scenes" locations."  

They raved about their hotels in Athens, Stemnitsa, and Santorino and would highly recomend them to any future travelers.

"The Olympic Palace in Athens was outstanding - great location, beautiful rooms with views. The Mpielliko Guest house in Stemnitas (right) was a great, off the beaton path stop that we really enjoyed and the San Antonio Suites in Santorino was a highlight of the trip." 

I loved designing the trip to fit their interests and was so happy to hear that it all went smoothly for them, especially with the ferry strikes. If you want to learn more about our family travel style or traveling to Greece just ask me!

Sherry Howland

"It was great to have the whole family together, this itinerary truly 
had something for everyone. We're hooked on Wildland!" - John & Stacey

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