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Family Travel Dreams

My family may be a bit unusual for instead of sweet nothings, my son whispers his travel dreams in my ear. The other day he whispered “Egypt”, “Denmark”, "India". I looked at him quizzically. He explained these are countries he wants to visit. Naturally I was curious as to why these disparate places particularly and I learned the answers: Egypt due to a series of fiction books he is reading by Ric Riordan starting with “The Red Pyramid” , Denmark to make a pilgrimage to Lego headquarters, and India because his mom plans trips there.

I enjoy introducing my favorite destinations to Benjamin, so I have recruited him to help me lead our Escorted South India Family Adventure in April 2014. Come join us! We will be hiking in coffee-covered hills, searching for elephants in a nature reserve, floating on peaceful rivers, looking up at 57-foot statue of a Jain Lord and building sand castles next to the Arabian Sea. South India is a friendly, easy-going destination for families. Benjamin is already trying to recruit his friends to come along. We hope you do as well.

Perhaps your children have their own dream destinations. Books are often a way to spark their interest. I read a book in 6th grade called “The Long Walk” about a group of escapees from a Siberian jail who walked through Russia and Mongolia, finally reaching Nepal. Ever since I have dreamed of seeing Mongolia. Younger children enjoy the Magic Tree House series with each book set in a different location and tantalizing titles such as “Mummies in the Morning” and “Afternoon on the Amazon”.

Meeting friends from other countries can spur your next family vacation as well. When I was growing up my father had co-workers from India whom I really enjoyed spending time with. They were the instigation for my first trip to India and, well,… now a profession of sending others there! In the US and Canada, we have the fortune of hosting visitors and immigrants from all over the world. For example, my son has a friend from school who has moved back to Denmark and now we would like to visit him there.

Another way to peak young children’s and teenagers’ interest in travel is to study a foreign language. High school language clubs often earn money to travel to a country where they can immerse themselves in their subject. Destinations such as Costa Rica and Nicaragua are easily accessible and so enjoyable for families to visit while testing their Spanish skills. Since my son practices Japanese martial arts and studies Japanese, I have promised him a trip to Japan one day.

Wildland has a number of family adventures and other trips which are easily adapted for families. I imagine many of these adventures feature settings for books you or your children have read, places where favorite movies were filmed, or safaris to see much loved animals in their natural habitat.

your friendly travel expert,
Laura Finkelstein 
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