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Finding The Heart of Turkey

Finding The Heart of Turkey

This week we heard back from Christine Ye and Jeffery Marso who spent 2 weeks in Turkey with their daughters on our new Heart of Turkey Family Adventure which includes a 2 night stay at a village south of Cappadocia. They really enjoyed the homestay and their guide who joined them there.

During our family homestay in Turkey

“My favorite experience was the home stay.  I loved the small town atmosphere.  The people were so friendly, generous and welcoming in the villages as well as at our homestay. Fondest Homestay memories:  I got up early most mornings to run before the others got up.   One morning I ran into town and was greeted by a small herd of goats with 2 women herding them.  Even the goats were friendly!  They swarmed around me  eyeing me with curiosity while the women tried to coax them back onto the road.  We were all laughing and enjoying the encounter.  So brief and so rich with joy.  Wonderful cave trip, hiking down, jumping into the ice-cold water at the mouth of the cave, venturing into the cave on rafts with rock formations.  Niem's enthusiasm showing us around the village and the tour of house where he grew up.  We drank Turkish tea and learned a new tile game called "OK".  Old men at the tea cafe gravitated to our table and helped Caroline and Emily, our daughters, win a game.  A cobbler opened his shop to show us his old wrought iron tools then asked us to wait, disappeared into his backyard and came back with a bowl of big ripe delicious cherries.  His response to our thanks for his kindness and generosity:  "I would have done it for anyone".  Niem's friend offered us the most deliciously sweet yellow plums picked from his tree.  Learning to make Gozleme in the backyard with Nazire and Nasif (the owners).  So many connections were made at that Homestay.  Other great experiences included Cappadocia's tunnels underground and caves explored on foot and while floating above the landscape in a hot air balloon.  Eating dinner at an outdoor restaurant with the backdrop of 4th century rock cut tombs lit up by lights at night.  That restaurant had playing kittens and ravenous bread eating fish to entertain us as well. Jawoose, the driver and I took an impromptu walk one night looking for good star gazing.  We communicated with cell phone apps to translate with often very comical results.  So many more memories, but for me it is all about connecting with people and if the scenery is breath-taking, all the better.”

“Ozlem Ozgoren, whom we were so fortunate to have for the bulk of our trip, was fantastic beyond words.  Some adjectives:  Enthusiastic, knowledgable, intuitive, energetic, personable and just downright a joy to be around.  She looked out for us, sometimes catered the trip to things she thought we would like based on what she learned about us from conversation, helped us beyond the call of duty with translating and helping us find certain items we needed. She was patient about teaching us Turkish words. We loved her!”


Christine Ye and Jeffery Marso
Christine and Jefferey's family traveled with us on our NEW Heart of Turkey Family Adventure

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