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Five Hidden Gem Treks in South America

Five Hidden Gem Treks in South America

How often can you say that you were able to trek in the steps of the Inca, bike through Martian landscapes and walk amongst guanacos and condors on the Patagonian steppe through the famous Torres del Paine?

If your answer is not very often, then I'm here to help! This year I am extremely excited to share several new treks in South America for travelers looking for new, rare and enticing experiences that showcase the various gems of South America’s diverse landscapes and the local peoples that call these unique places home. 


1) Epic Chile Expedition: Atacama & Patagonia
My personal new favorite, and the trip that I will be leading this October to celebrate our 30th anniversary explores the two most iconic regions of Chil: the Atacama & Patagonia. This is South America’s trekker’s paradise! The adventure kicks off in an otherworldly landscape in the Atacama, the world’s highest and driest desert. Hike, bike and climb amongst sand dunes and bizarre rock formations of the Moon Valley, through red-rock canyons, past ancient ruins of pre-Columbian villages and alongside the explosive Tatio Gesyers. At night, observe some of the clearest and most brilliant night skies in the Southern Hemisphere. Then fly to the end of the world and hike into the heart of Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia. Trek amidst spectacular mountain peaks, past turquoise lakes, waterfalls, hanging glaciers, and alpine meadows where guanaco roam while completing the world famous W-Trek.

2) Mountains, Caves and Coast: Brazil Trekking Adventure This past September, I had the extreme fortune to explore Brazil’s Chapada Diamantia, which quickly became one of my favorite places not only in Brazil but South America. In one of the most spectacular and well-kept secret hiking areas in the world, follow ancient mining trails that were used up until the 1970's by men hunting for diamonds and gold in these ancient mountains. Experience the heart of the wild and fully disconnect while spending two nights in remote guest houses in the heart of Chapada Diamantia National Park. Follow the Paty Valley Trail through a stunning and magical landscape comprised of table top mountains, canyons, valleys, caves, hidden electric blue pools and the most impressive Brazilian waterfalls!

3) Machu Picchu Lares Trek
Looking for a trek that is suitable for the whole family? This trek not only caters to multigenerational groups but additionally allows you to choose your own adventure each day! This new trek to Machu Picchu offers the perfect combination of adventure and cultural immersion. It is a lodge-to-lodge journey through the rich history, living culture and magnificent landscape of Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Majestic archaeological sites lead to remote and uncrowded trails taking travelers through mountains and valleys, abounding in natural beauty and dotted with Andean communities, where the locals are master weavers and their traditions are still firmly rooted in ancient Inca culture.

4) Hikers Patagonia
For those looking to fully immerse themselves in Patagonia, this adventure explores the two most iconic trekking regions in Argentina and Chile. Our most active hiking tour of Patagonia ventures into the heart of Torres del Paine National Park, Chile, then crosses into Argentina's Glacier National Park and the peaks of Mt. Fitz Roy near El Chalten.  Accommodations are strategically based in comfortable Suite Dome Tents at Las Torres EcoCamp under the towering rock spires of Torres del Paine and at boutique estancias and mountain lodges in El Calafate and El Chalten.

5) Exploring Wild Chile: Off the Beaten Path in Patagonia
Want to get to know the true soul of Patagonia? This adventure explores the northern and southern ends of Chilean Patagonia: beginning in “Chile’s Yellowstone” in the Aysen Region and culminating amidst the stellar peaks of Torres del Paine National Park, in the south. This active hiking itinerary takes travelers deep into the privately-owned Patagonia Park, where we stay at a rustic mountain lodge and hike freely along the countless surrounding trails. Ultimately leave land behind and paddle past the remote Tyndall and Balmaceda glaciers, imposing mountains and secret fjords that most travelers to Torres del Paine never encounter.



Want to hear more about these trips or plan your own customized trekking adventure? Let’s talk! 800.345.4453 or just send me an email.

Your friendly trekking expert,

Gretchen Traut

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