Fruits for a favor in South Africa

My bowl of avocado, grapefruit and mangos from Vicki and Terri.
A thank you for helping them plan their Wildland Adventure to South Africa.
Today I received a box full of giant Florida Avocado, Ruby Red Grapefruit and Keitt Mangos from a farmer's market in Florida with the following note enclosed:
"Terri and I cannot express all that you & Wildland have done for us over the years! But especially of late, with all of the insider info you can present to us to help us figure out exactly what we need to do on such a short trip to South Africa. 
Enclosed is just a small taste of some of the locally grown fruits at a Farmer's Market close to my house. It expresses our gratitude, although in a small way, for all the thoughts and tips you have presented to us. You are truly helping us figure it all out.  
We hope you will enjoy them!
Thanks again,"
Vicki Cottrell and Terri Cutter

When Vicki and her sister Terri staked their claim for another adventure together they decided on a 10 day safari to South Africa. They've been on Wildland Adventures to Panama, Madagascar and Argentina, so when they got bogged down in the quagmire of lodges, tent camps and wildlife concessions throughout the Greater Kruger region of eastern South Africa they called us knowing that we would have some insider info to share.

So, after a volley of questions and answers with details, details, details, we received this basket of fruits.

Thanks Vicki and Terri! We look forward to helping you finalize your choices among all those lodges, tent camps and private concessions throughout the Great Kruger! One of our favorite lodges is Savanna where you may have close encounter with an elephant like the one we had there in May.

keeping it wild,

Kurt Kutay

Note: Vicki and Terri's trip concentrates on three different camps each in a different private wildlife concessions featuring a diversity of habitats, wildlife experiences and some of the best safari guides in the business. Although their's is a custom trip we can duplicate for anyone, the one trip we have on our website closest to theirs is the Cape to Kruger Adventure.

See more information about travel to South Africa. Questions? Ask our Africa expert, Jeff Stivers.
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