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Galapagos Getaway & Boutique Andean Adventure


One of the things I enjoy most about working at Wildland Adventures is the caliber of travelers we attract, many of whom, as with Susan and Tom Freeman, return for numerous trips. The Freemans traveled with us for their Galapagos Islands Vacation, extending their journey to include the Andean highlands and a stay at a very, very special lodge tucked away in the rolling hills, Sacha Ji. I will let Susan tell you about it, and enjoy the images that encapsulate the beauty and pleasure of their stay:

"My favorite part of the trip, from a standpoint of hospitality, was Sacha Ji. Created by a female Ecuadorian architect, Sacha Ji is an enchanted place. There really are no words to describe its magic, suffice to say it is infused with love. From the beauty of the setting, surrounded by 7 volcanoes, to the harmony of the landscape and from the sensuousness of the organic garden, planted in volcanic soil naturally fertilized by llamas, to the scrumptious food, it's about the smiles and care of all the staff for each other and for the guests. We felt as if we were staying in a boutique bed and breakfast, at which all our needs were attended to, often even before we knew we had them!"

"It is a place for healing, reflection, letting go, and for inviting in all life's bounty. Sacha Ji is not defined by any one thing; not by yoga, nor by the gorgeous location high in the Andes. It is a piece of heaven on earth. You will leave in gratitude for all that you have received there, trusting that you will take away exactly what you came for, whatever that may be."

- Wildland Alumni, Susan and Tom Freeman

Below are some more photos of Sacha Ji; it is truly a special place! If you are interested in a Galapagos Vacation I am always happy to talk so give me a call or send me an email!

Your Galapagos expert,

Sherry Howland

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