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Getting Romantic in the Galápagos

Working in the adventure travel industry you come across some incredible places and hear some pretty amazing stories. Today I wanted to share an incredible place with an amazing story. The photo above is of the Galápagos Safari Camp on Santa Cruz Island and I think it might be the most romantic spot I've been to. This past spring I had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador and stay at the Galápagos Safari Camp for a few nights and it was a truly remarkable experience. I have stayed in some luxury hotels around the world and I would choose staying in a safari camp like this over a 5* luxury hotel in the middle of a city any day of the week.

First off you get to be out in nature and you really can't beat that! Second the tents are awesome, it is like staying in a really nice hotel but you get to walk through a cloud forest to get to your room and at night you hear the jungle all around. In a place like this you can really disconnect from time and live in the moment and that feeling isn't as easy to find these days. If that isn't already romantic enough for you take a look at the view from the camp....



Just staying at the camp would be worth traveling to the Galápagos, but there is so much to do there! Hiking around the islands gives you a great chance to get to know the locals.
In the Galápagos you get to know the locals like no where else on earth! You actually get to interact with the wildlife, it truly is a powerful experience to be able to connect with the wildlife! And by connect I mean you feel like you are apart of their environment. Boobies, iguanas, sea lions, tortoises, finches, they all just come right up to you to say hello! But the crème de la crème for me was swimming with the sea lions. I found 3 pups playing while I was snorkeling and decided to go watch them splash around. It turned out to be a moment that I will never forget, as I spent the next 45 minutes playing with these guys. I would spin one way and then they would mirror my movements and then they would choose a spin and I would follow; it was an underwater ballet that I will always treasure. I have a smile on my face right now just writing about it! Another activity that allowed me to meet the locals was surfing at Tortuga Bay. You walk along the beach stepping over marine iguanas and then when you paddle out you find yourself surfing with the sea lions. Surfing a wave with a sea lion was another one of those moments that connects you with the wildlife on a totally new level. 
Now for the amazing love story! The Galápagos Safari Camp was built from love you might say... The owners of the camp Michael and Stephanie Mesdag were on their honeymoon in the Galápagos and took a bike ride up to the top of a mountain. It was there looking at the mesmerizing view that they decided they wanted to build the ultimate place for romantic getaways. A few years later their dream became a reality, a camp designed to create special romantic experiences for couples. My favorite story they told me about was how the set up private dinners on their sunset platform and private picnics on secluded beaches. Unforgettable experiences! 
Michael and Stephanie
Unfortunately for me I didn't get to share my time in the Galápagos with the girl of my dreams, but I wanted to share my plan and some ideas for the ultimate romantic getaway in the Galápagos.  
  1. Stay at the Galápagos Safari Camp: You won't find a more romantic spot.
  2. Hike the islands: It gives you a chance to meet the locals and see some unreal views.
  3. Surf's up: Even if you don't know how to surf, you need to give it a try here. Plus trying a new sport with your love is a great way to become closer.
  4. Get wet: Make sure you go snorkeling, it is a completely different world under the sea.
  5. Enjoy the beaches: The Galápagos is covered with picturesque beaches, I would recommend a picnic on a private beach, which can be easily be planned with help from the Safari Camp or other hotels.
  6. Dinner on the sunset deck: This one would most definitely impress your love. A romantic candle light dinner watching the sunset over the islands......... Yes please!
  7. See the sea: Make sure you get some time on the open water and cruise around to a couple of the islands. Our Galápagos Land and Sea Adventure incorporates both time on a small ship and time at the Galápagos Safari Camp.
  8. Kayak: Find yourself a kayak for two and paddle through the calm bays and pristine shorelines.
  9. Look up: Since the Galápagos Safari Camp is perched up on a hillside far away from city lights take the time to enjoy the stars. My tip is to walk down to the infinity pool at the camp with a bottle of champagne and look up.
  10. Get wild: Make the most of your adventure and dream big! One of the coolest parts of my job is helping people plan special surprises for their love, if you can dream it, we can build it!
So what are you waiting for???? WOW someone you love and travel to Ecuador to see the Galápagos for yourself! Our Ecuador program director Sherry Howland has planned tons of honeymoons and romantic getaways for our guests, so if you have any questions about romantic travel to the Galápagos feel free to ask her or ask me. Both of us have been there and are more than happy to answer any questions you have.
your friendly adventurer,
Jonathan Burnham
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