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Guest Review | "Colombia is a spectacular country that's just waking up"

Coffee tasting in Colombia Exploring the highlights of Colombia

Longtime Wildland Alumni Carolyn and her friends Eva and James just got back from our Highlights of Colombia adventure, where they explored Bogota, Colombia's coffee region and the coastal city of Cartagena. They shared their highlights and had some recommendations for future travelers to Colombia:


"We chose this trip because I've had many fabulous experiences with Wildland in the past and I was curious about Colombia. I'd been hearing that tourism was becoming a "thing" as Colombia has emerged from its somewhat chaotic past and it offered much in terms of opportunities for hiking and being outdoors. We had a wonderful mix of adventures starting in Bogota, winding our way through the coffee region and then hanging out at the more relaxed Caribbean coast at the end. I wouldn't do it in any other order. I enjoyed seeing the coffee region the most; hiking and biking in the national parks and stopping at hot springs. I also really enjoyed lunch at the Venecia Coffee Estate where they prepared a traditional "workers" lunch of; red beans, fried plantain pancakes, rice, and avocado. it was very simple, but yummy and filling. I also really enjoyed the coffee estate tour. It was very interesting to see the whole process and to see more of the life of a coffee picker" - Carolyn

"Colombia is a spectacular country just having woken up from a national nightmare and just getting its sea legs with regards to tourism. In the coffee region especially, which was breathtakingly beautiful, people are so excited and sincere about showing off their beautiful country. Everyone was genuinely interested in making sure we enjoyed ourselves, and that we saw the beauty that they saw. It was quite wonderful to witness." - James K.

Exploring Colombia's coffee region
Guides and Accommodations

"Byron, our guide in Bogota, had an exceptional knowledge of the area, history, architecture and coffee and I would recommend him for any group. Juan, our guide in the coffee region, was extremely enthusiastic and positive and just fun to be around. He's an avid outdoors-man, and it was evident that he loves what he does and he loved showing us his country. I would also recommend him to anyone in the area interested in the outdoors." - Carolyn

"Casa San Carlos lodge near Pereira and Ananda in Cartagena were both unbelievably beautiful standouts, wonderful in every way. Everything we ate was simple, but delicious and we enjoyed exploring the amazing range of different fruits, and how they are eaten." James

Kayaking in Cartegena

Carolyn's advice for travelers to Colombia

  • ​Brush up on your Spanish ahead of time - You can get around regardless, but when we spoke a bit of Spanish it was more fun with the local people.
  • Exchange your money in Bogota and the Coffee region for local pesos - Cartagena takes US $ but the other areas did not.
  • Bring rain gear and always have it with you - Bring sun gear and always have that with you as well.
  • Read up on Colombia's history - There is so much there that is just emerging after 70 years of chaos and learning about the history will help you appreciate the nuances more.

To learn more about trips to Colombia give us a call at 800-345-4453 or email our program director, Grettel Calderon.

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