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Introducing Guides Field Station in the Peruvian Amazon


 "There are very few places in the world that still shelter extraordinary natural riches. Tambopata in the Peruvian Amazon is one of them." - Conservation Center

We have long loved sending our travelers to Reserva Amazonica, located outside of Puerto Maldonado in the Peruvian Amazon. This lodge offers unparalleled luxury deep in the Amazon and was voted one of the world's best ecolodges by National Geographic. Wildlife viewing here is remarkable as the trail system extends across roughly 8 km (6 miles) of surrounding rainforest, allowing an easier access to a variety of habitats inside the forest. You can also observe wildlife from the Canopy walkway, which is a complex set of hanging bridges, towers and platforms where visitors can experience a part of the rainforest ecosystem seldom seen by human eyes. The rainforest canopy offers glimpses at unique flora and fauna that are impossible to observe from the ground level. 

This June, Inkaterra is launching their Guides Station, a place designed to train Inkaterra Explorer Guides and host investigators, volunteers and travelers who are keen to explore the rainforest, and actively participate in various exciting conservation projects.The Guides Field Station was originally designed as a research location for Inkaterra's NGO Inkaterra Asociación (ITA). As they started into the process they decided to open their doors to welcome eco-conscious travelers and families from around the world so that everyone has the opportunity to learn the importance of eco-tourism first hand.

 "The Inkaterra Guides Field Station is a key project for us; not only is it a hub for ITA to continue their invaluable conservation projects, but it is also a conveyor of valuable knowledge," comments Jose Koechlin, Founder of Inkaterra. "We see it as an opportunity for the public to learn the importance of eco-tourism, educating the next generation of eco-conscious travelers and conservationists".

 Four cabañas and two large pavilions will offer guests a shared-living space, whilst in the restaurant long dining tables will enable guests to discuss the day's activities in a communal setting around a locally sourced buffet - and pisco sours of course! 

 There will be a total of ten wildlife-focused outings available, ranging from quarter and half day trips to full five day itineraries. The idea is for all guests at the Field Station to feel fully immersed in the day to day life of the Amazon Rainforest. There will be daily trips to the Gamitana Model Farm, where the NGO, ITA, works with local communities. The bio-orchard will educate guests on the sustainable techniques used in the agriculture, farming and horticulture of the region. A canopy walkway takes guests along a series of eight platforms and seven hanging bridges, 1,129ft above the jungle floor, offering a birds eye view of the wildlife diversity in the rainforest canopy. Keen birdwatchers can take a boat trip to River Island, a large sandbank on the shores of the Madre de Dios River, to explore the floodplains that are home to many sought after bird species, including the Amazonian Umbrellabird (Cephalopterus ornatus). 

Interested in visiting the Field Station? Ask us about incorporating it into our Best of Peru: Machu Picchu and Amazon itinerary.   

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