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Haber Family Journey Through Thailand and Cambodia - Guest Review

Haber Family Journey Through Thailand and Cambodia - Guest Review

The Haber family traveled to Thailand and Cambodia with us in December. They asked us to help plan a trip centered around one very important event - a wedding! Jon's brother was getting married in the town of Khon Kaen and they wanted to explore the region before the big day. We had some big shoes to fill and while the wedding was certainly the highlight it sounds like the day with elephants wasn't too far behind :) Here's what they had to say about their trip:

What places or experiences did you enjoy most and why?
We enjoyed so many parts of the trip. The cooking class in Chaing Mai was excellent, definitely a favorite part of the trip. The day at the Baanchang Elephant Park was wonderful. Spending a day on motorcycles in Cambodia driving through the jungle was incredible. Seeing all of the ancient temples were amazing, though it would have been nice to have this time be a little less structured. We also really loved the food tour in Bangkok and the whole day in Ayutthaya -- especially the evening boat ride. The Cambodian Circus was also really fun.

Learning the secrets of Thai cuisine at the home of the Raunkaew-Yanon Family

Riding friendly ellies!

Time for a bath!

Angkor Wat at sunrise

How were the accomodations? What places stood out?
AMAZING! I wish we lived there. Every hotel was stayed in was stunning. The Cambodia hotel put on an amazing presentation for Christmas Eve. The hotel in Chaing Mai was a stunning space with beautiful views and a very tranquil feel. The hotel in Bangkok had great breakfasts.

Breakfasts, lunches, dinners - every meal is an excuse to eat delicious Thai and Cambodian treats!

Please recount any personal highlights or insights you experienced on your trip:

The trip was amazing and extremely action packed. Planning it with Wildland made our lives much easier and made the trip run overall very smoothly. We had a wonderful time!

The whole family in Bangkok



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