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A Trip that gets off-the-beaten-path

A Trip that gets off-the-beaten-path

I just got a review from a family who loved their participation on our Undiscovered Caribbean Costa Rica Adventure, because of all the great activities and exposure to the local Caribbean culture.

The idea was to create a trip which engages travelers to participate and where they can feel more like guests than just travelers. That connection is created when travelers learn from local's daily lives and their traditions.

We are not satisfied with just taking guests off the beaten path on this trip. We take guests deep inside a part of Costa Rica where traditional life prevails. A place where they can interact meaningfully with local people and indigenous cultures.

Very few adventure travelers ever have this experience, because many native indigenous people of Costa Rica are isolated in reservations and remote areas. Having the chance to interact with local people is one of the things people enjoy the most, because it helps them put their lives into a different perspective.

We hear from many prospective travelers that they are afraid Costa Rica has become overdeveloped and too "touristy”, therefore, I think that we have a responsibility to create opportunities for Wildland travelers to visit other areas to create a balance in the environment and help other communities that don't get the benefits of sustainable tourism.

Here is what Susan and Samuel, her 17 year old body shared about the trip:

"HI Grettel,

Thanks for a great trip! The Undiscovered Caribbean Costa Rica Adventure is not a typical pampered vacation, but all the efforts to see and explore were worth it! This is not a typical vacation, but more of an adventure. Travelers need to be prepared to sometimes be hot or wet or tired, but the rewards are unbelievable. That being said, the pace and order of the experiences are well planned to allow breaks to rest, get clean, or cool off. This way we were ready for the next adventure.

Our guide Alex Arias was professional, knowledgeable and a lot of fun. He watched out for our comfort and safety and made sure that we had the best experience possible. He was able to teach us about the history of the country and the places we were visiting and had extensive knowledge about the wildlife as well. He was relaxed and easy going and was part of the fun.

Both lodges offered different experiences and they were both wonderful. Selva Bananito was amazing and different. The Shawanda Hotel was lovely with lots of wildlife on the grounds. I loved the snorkeling and experience in Cahuita. The waterfall hike and rappel was awesome. Other highlights were the boat ride and day at the Bribri Indiginous community, the salsa lesson and cooking lessons and the Sloth Sanctuary.

The reason why we chose this trip was because we loved the adventure and ability to meet locals. This was the highlight of the tour. Seeing animals and birds frequently , every single day of the trip was the most amazing part of being in Costa Rica. Such a beautiful, inspired, progressive country. The Caribbean side was charming and beautiful. Loved the Afro-caribbean people and the atmosphere/beaches. We had such a wonderful time and hassle free!"

Susan Warwick and son Samuel Froines
Undiscovered Caribbean Costa Rica Adventure – March/April 2014

Our Undiscovered Caribbean of Costa Rica concentrates in the area of the southern Atlantic coast in the rainforests and beaches of the Talamanca mountain foothills, homeland of the Afro-Caribbean natives settled all along the Central American coast and the native BriBri and Cabecar indigenous to this area.

This is a favorite area of mine and it presents great opportunities for adventure travelers to enjoy the wonderful nature and culture of Costa Rica. 

Feel like getting ‘off-the-beaten-path’ for a week or two? Gice me a call at 800.345.4453 or send me an email. I'd be more than happy to plan your next adventure to Costa Rica.

Grettel Calderon
Costa Rica Program Director

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