Haven’t booked your Earth Day special yet??

Haven’t booked your Earth Day special yet??  There is still time to celebrate Mother Nature by traveling to some of the most secluded and sustainable ecolodges in Central America.

Our Earth Day specials highlight amazing properties that are committed to preserve the natural surroundings and local wildlife.  You'll spend time traveling with our top naturalist guides who have impressive abilities to spot wildlife and a genuine desire to share the cultural and historical aspects of each destination. Share with community members at their farms, try fantastic culinary specialties and visit parks and nature reserves that will make you feel as if you are walking on a lush, green rainforest cathedral.

Let loose your inner child (or your actual children!) and join any of several adventures including zip lining, hiking, river rafting and more.  It’s time to play!

Perhaps you've been looking for a short romantic getaway?, this is your opportunity to be at two of the most romantic places on each destination and I can give dozens of tips to surprise your loved one with small, charming details… what about a candlelight dinner on a floating platform, private surfing lessons for 2, a private lunch by a waterfall in the forest?

Grandparents looking for a summer trip with the grandchildren?  These trips can keep you as busy as you want and there is something for every member of the family.  Need time to pamper yourself?  Participate in a private yoga lesson, take a walk on your own in the silence of the rainforest, book a natural spa treatment or kayak the easy waters of a mangrove forest.  Whichever you choose, just relax...

You still have 5 days to take advantage of these special offers, so contact me today! Life is NOW!

Wildest Regards,

Grettel [->]

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