Headed to Morocco

I love everything about traveling, including the journey to get to where I'm going. My trip to Morocco started with a flight from Seattle to Frankfurt and something I have always enjoyed about flying is looking out the window. For me it's better than tv, as I flew over the cascades and the Canadian Rockies I couldn't help but dream about climbing all the great peaks I saw. Then I was lucky enough to watch an electric sunrise over Iceland.

Once I landed in Frankfurt I decided to make the most of my layover and take the train into the city to explore. But before I did anything I got myself a nice big pretzel and that hit the spot after my long flight. In Frankfurt I found some beautiful churches, nice parks and some pretty incredible architecture. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to explore more, but nonetheless spending half the day in Germany was a big bonus.

Flying into Casablanca I caught the end of the sunset and it set the tone for a great trip. I also got to test out my Steripen at a random gas station in the middle of the desert. The sink said the water was not safe to drink, but I came prepared to treat and carry my own water with my SteriPen and Klean Kanteen TAP bottle. If you want to know more about my Earth Day challenge of not using any plastic bottles during this trip check out my TAP Challenge blog.

As I write this I am taking in the silhouette of the desert under the moonlight and rocking out to Arabic music with our driver! It is quite a fun ride and I can't wait to get to Fes.

I've already had all these great experiences and I haven't even gotten to my destination yet! Just another perk of traveling!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day as I am meeting with the ministry of Moroccan tourism and taking a city tour of Fes. I am looking forward to returning to the Medina and seeing, smelling and hearing all the unusual stuff that you would probably never find at a market in the States.

Your friendly adventurer,

PS Keep an eye out for more updates from my trip, I'll be sharing photos and videos from my adventures in morocco. Also make sure to sign up for our newsletter, one lucky person will win a special gift from my travels.
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