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How to be a Romantic Traveler

How to be a Romantic Traveler

I am a hopeless romantic. After all, I have the whole, wild beautiful world as my stage to share my love with Anne. Together through our own 30-year traveling romance we've danced around the world sharing our adventures as newlyweds on honeymoon in Costa Rica, leading family adventures raising our son, and now as empty-nesters and grandparents.

I have some sage advice on love and adventure, whether you're looking to propose, keeping your love alive as parents traveling together with the kids, or if you are empty nesters looking for renewed romance. Here are my top 9 romantic travel tips (with a special bonus at the end) for romancing on your next adventure.

1. Be out in nature together.

On our honeymoon in Costa Rica I took Anne to a special place where I could kiss her under a waterfall cascading out of the rainforest onto a pristine tropical beach. Unforgettable. I can still feel her rising up on her toes so her lips could reach mine with that fresh warm water cleansing our souls.


2. Find romantic places to stay.

One of our newest favorite places to stay is Ol Mondoro on the banks of the lower Zambezi River in Zambia. It's rustic, but oh-so-romantic with elephants walking past our deck and hippos bellowing below. When the staff asked me if I would like to surprise her with a romantic dinner served on our deck I said "yes!" I got total credit and major points!


3. Do exciting and challenging activities together.

We've ridden bikes through Rajasthan, rafted down rivers in Costa Rica, flown in hot air balloons over Cappadocia and trekked the Inca Trail. Some of it was more challenging for Anne, but it gave me an opportunity to be her rock when she needed it most, which reminded both of us how we can be there for each other anytime, anywhere.  

4. Share breathtaking and wondrous moments.

Sometimes the world just takes your breath away. But when we can plan those moments, like tracking elephants through the bush with a pro-guide on safari in Zimbabwe, we share deep emotional memories that last forever.


5. Keep traveling with the family.

Although we're empty nesters now, family remains singularly important so we still make time to travel with our daughter, Kelly, son Tarek, and our grandson, Jake, 17. Now that most of the work is done raising kids it's about sharing fun times together like our recent adventure in Guatemala to sacred Mayan sites and holding fire ceremonies with a shaman "to discover the truth and beauty of who we are."

6. Cook and drink wine together.

We're having so much fun with our new wine and culinary adventures to Argentina, South Africa and Spain. We do this at home, of course, but it's so fun to learn more about the people and places we explore through food and wine! And it's become a rewarding part of our long career, launching a new food and wine trip and then celebrating love and life together with other Wildland alumni travelers. 

7. Share new friends.

There's something really powerful sharing the love we have for each other with people we meet around the world. Below the radar of language and cultural differences, everyone in the world understands love and desires more. When we travel with open hearts and other people respond in loving kindness, it reinforces the truth about ourselves and what matters most in our relationship.

8. Surf and spa.

We like to plan time alone doing things we each like to do that the other is not so enthusiastic about sharing. I love to surf and she loves to spa. Although, I often find time to share the spa with her too...



9. Reflect together.

Traveling as a couple to such beautiful places in the wild presents indelible moments for quiet reflection together. Romancing the wild creates opportunities to reconnect with our selves, and between each other, through the healing power of nature and the sacred places we visit from Machu Picchu to Mystical Myanmar.

Finally, for any guys out there who are romantics like me, or you need some support to up your game, here's one HUGE idea I can help you with to totally win her over: I planned a surprise 25th-anniversary party for Anne in the desert of Rajasthan complete with camel carts, a Rajastani band, fire eaters, dancers, and dinner around the fire under the stars. Here' s a short video that tells the story (you can do anything in incredible India):


Keeping it wild,

Kurt Kutay
Wildland Adventures President

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