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How To Find Your Lost Luggage Before The Airline Does

Has your bag been one of the roughly 2 million pieces of luggage that arrives late to the destination every year? It can happen anywhere but it seems to happen more often for our travelers flying long haul with multiple connections especially in winter with flight delays. Most often we see it happen to guests flying to South America and for their African safari via Nairobi, Arusha or Johannesburg than any other Wildland Adventures destination. Once your bag does make to the gateway city, we'll see that it is transported to you on safari, in the Galapagos, or wherever you may be.
The tool to track your lost luggage. 

Once you arrive and discover your bag is not on the carousel you must file a claim at which point you may experience resistance from overworked baggage claim personnel just giving you the runaround. Knowing where your luggage is before the airline does can get the them cracking to get it back for you that much sooner!

This sounds like just the ticket to keep track of your belongings: GlobalTrac. This company sells a palm-sized device named Trakdot (www.trakdot.com) that you place in your checked and locked luggage in case it goes astray. It uses cell technology to figure out the city location of your luggage and it can text you that information. You can also look it up on the Trakdot website. The device costs $49.99 plus a $21.98 activation fee and annual service fee. It senses the speed of the plane to deactivate during a flight then turns on once the plane slows down, thereby obeying rules prohibiting the use of cellular technology in the air.

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We're getting one for the Wildland staff (although we hope we don't have to use it)! See all Wildland Adventures destinations knowing that wherever you go next you won't have to worry about loosing bag (at least for very long)!

Wildest regards!

Source: Handling Luggage Problems, From Damage to Delays, New York Times.
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