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How to handle a travel emergency in your sleep

How to handle a travel emergency in your sleep

We have guests who are sleeping in a tent on Kilimanjaro right now and we just received a call from Isaac Hilpman at Exito Travel that Air Uganda went out of business yesterday. So the flight they booked before they departed  from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, to Entebbe, Uganda 10 days from now no longer exists!

Now it’s 12pm in Seattle, 11pm on the mountain, and they’re in the middle of climbing Kilimanjaro--all 19,000 feet of it, to the roof of Africa. They started their climb yesterday, and will return to Arusha, Tanzania on Sunday. Although there is emergency communication by radio with park rangers, they are otherwise out of touch until then.
So, while they were asleep on the mountain our team immediately went into action. With the assistance of Exito Travel we booked a new flight for them before everyone else on that Air Uganda flight made their alternate arrangements, arriving only 30 minutes later than the original flight. We were also able to initiate a claim with Travelex, Because our travelers had purchased trip insurance, they can recoup the cost of the replacement ticket. We also downloaded copies of news releases and the airline’s official statement as supporting documentation for the travel insurance claim. When our guests arrive in Arusha they will find a new ticket and all of the information they need for their insurance claim attached to a single email.

Everything has already been taken care of and they’re sleeping through it.

It made me think – what if they hadn’t booked with Wildland? What if they hadn’t booked their airfare with Exito Travel, our airline partner? What if they had chosen not to purchase travel insurance? If they hadn’t booked with us, then likely they would have arrived in Dar Es Salaam and discovered that they didn’t have an onward ticket. If they hadn’t booked with Exito then Wildland wouldn’t have been informed of the cancellation and they would have been stuck without a flight. If they hadn’t purchased insurance there would be no recourse for the cost of the replacement ticket.

What we do is more than plan really great adventures. We’re here to help you prepare before you leave, and to assist you throughtout your trip. And, we'll follow up with you when you return to make sure you had a trip of a lifetime and that there are no unresolved issues.

We're proud of our

We fix problems if they arise to make your travel as easy as possible. Exito Travel is an exceptional air travel partner for us and when things go awry we work together to find solutions. And travel insurance isn’t just for medical emergencies – it serves you well if you must cancel before or during your vacation, or if you experience trip interruptions by arlines, weather or many other factors. 

Thanks are in order to Isaac Hilpman at Exito, and to our Travelex representatives, Ric Rodman and their staff. This problem is solved, and our travelers won’t even know it happened until 5 days when they come off the mountain and happily continue on their safari.

We expect they will be thrilled after a challenging and successful summit of Kilimanjaro.

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Keeping it wild,

Rachael Garrett
Vice President of Operations

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