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I don't want this trip to end!

I don't want this trip to end!

How rewarding it is to hear a teenager say, “I don’t want this trip to end!"?

Costa Rica and Central America have become a great destination for multigenerational family travel in the last few years. The country offers a lot in terms of personal safety, lovely accommodations and a variety of unique adventures. Plus, many cultural activities perfect for travel enthusiasts of all ages.

Julia and Leah getting ready to zip line over the rainforest canopy at the Arenal Volcano

With destinations like Costa Rica, grandparents have the opportunity to introduce the younger generation to the thrill of adventure, like ziplining through the jungle or surfing in warm tropical waters. It's truly an incredible gift for a grandparent to be able to plant the seeds of growth through travel and discovery at an early age. Where these positive experiences will help expand their horizons and possibly last a lifetime. Regardless if it's experiencing a new activity or taking part in a cultural tradition, the lessons learned by young travelers is priceless and the time shared with grandparents… just precious!

Being in a pristine environment away from all the stress and distractions that our daily lives bring us helps allow children to bond with grandparents. Here are some notes we received from grandma Julia and her granddaughter Leah during and after their trip:

First day in the country: Julia (grandmother) shared from her iphone:

"The trip is fantastic. We have been here one day and it seems like a week. Dauren, our guide, is great and so is the other family. Leah (granddaughter) is in 7th heaven -and is already very sad to leave… Feliz Navidad!"

After the trip: Leah’s (13-year-old granddaughter) comments:

"This Trip was one of the most magnificent trips I have ever taken. Ever since I was little, it has been my dream to go into the rainforest and see exotic life. When my Nana had told me we were going to Costa Rica, I was overwhelmed with joy, not only because my dream was to come true, but that I was going with my Nana and we would have a memory to share together for the rest of our lives. The Costa Rica trip with Wildland Adventures was everything I dreamed it would be and more! Whether it was repelling down waterfalls, zip lining, or simply just dining at the most amazing restaurants, I felt like it was already a second home. Every single person I met was filled with generosity and kindness, and I felt so safe doing the activities because of that. Our guide was also amazing and very familiar with the surroundings. Only after a week of memorable activities, I felt that our group and our guide became such close friends. All the guides we met along the way were filled with humor, joy and enthusiasm, and I couldn't have asked for more! The scenery was one thing that will live with me for eternity. The lush green surroundings, especially at Arenal were so magnificent to the point where I could have sat there for a whole day just admiring the scenery! This trip will certainly live with me for my whole life, and I hope to someday return and experience such wonders once again. It may have been just a week, but from the people, activities and scenery, we saw along the way, It felt like it lasted a lifetime of joy!

Thank you so much!"

Julia’s (grandma) comments:

"Hi Grettel,

Feliz ano nuevo. We had a fabulous time. I am still talking about it and Leah is on such a high. She definitely didn't want it to end. Dauren was great. His passion and excitement every time he saw an animal or a flower or anything having to do with nature, made us excited. We loved everything from the hotels to the food to the activities. I liked the way he broke up the ride from Arenal to Quepos. Our trip companions, The Maltins were great. It was a perfect match and we feel very fortunate. I loved traveling with my granddaughters because I have always wanted to have memories and experiences that we could share just amongst ourselves. The trips with my granddaughters are very meaningful to me because I have the opportunity to have them all to myself. I knew they would appreciate the culture and beauty of the countries we have visited. You learn so much when you are immersed in a foreign country and when you are out of your comfort zone. These memories are priceless and will last a lifetime. I definitely plan on using Wildland again.

Con amor, Julia"

December 2014

Julia and Leah participated on the Costa Rica Active Family Adventure, a trip for adventuresome spirits who like to be on the go and experience the most a country has to offer, leaving you wanting to return for more!

Your friendly Tica,

Grettel Calderon.

Got questions about family travel to Central America? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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