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Argentina Travel: I just discovered “Tincho”


“New Age” from Argentina was recently displayed at my local grocery wine department as the latest rage in Argentina. Since Anne and I are leading our upcoming Argentina Trip, Wines, Cultures and Canyonlands, with our friends from Arista Wine Cellars in Edmonds, WA, I figure we better get in the know. Turns out, it’s been around Argentina for while now, and especially popular in a hot day in sophisticated Buenos Aires. Now is seems to becoming all the rage in the US. I can see why…

The profile description under the bottle written by the wine steward read that it’s best as a refreshing drink in summer (which is happening right now in Argentina) over ice with lime or lemon. I rushed home to give it a taste. Wow! It’s a Sauvignon Blanc (50 percent) and Malvasia (50 percent) from Mendoza, Argentina. New Age is very light-bodied, but utterly crisp and clean with a light effervescence that gives it a refreshing sparkly quality. It has a floral and peachy nose and is quite sweet on the palate with honeydew melon, apricot flesh and zesty citrus fruit. Millions of Argentineans pour it over ice with lime which really helps cut the sweet—otherwise it’s not unlike a Riesling. It’s under $10 and because it’s also under a screwcap you can keep it in the fridge and enjoy over several days. I’m sure it will taste even better in Mendoza when we hit summer early in March!

The Back Story: In the early 1900s an Italian man named Valentin Eduardo Bianchi immigrated to Argentina and created the Bodegas Valentin Bianchi winery, now one of Argentina’s oldest. Decades later his grandson enters the world and was nicknamed "Tincho" which means "young Valentin".
As the story goes, Valentin Jr. poured the New Age wine over ice, added a little lime and voila - the drink is now called a “Tincho”. Tincho is hyped as Argentina's number one drink of choice, and I can definitely see why. What's great is this wine is only between 9-10% alcohol, much lower than other wines, so you can have a few more Tinchos!
Mendoza Cooler: Then as soon as I published my discovery on my personal Facebook page the first comments was from former Wildlander and professional barkeep, Gregg Burke who shared this cocktail recipe:  In a shaker. Three lemon wedges. Top with ice to fill. Add vodka (your preferred brand) 2.0 oz, Saint Germain 1.0 oz, Tincho 6.0 oz. Shake vigorously. Strain over ice. Top with club soda. Garnish with a twist.
Kurt Kutay
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