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I want to talk about my underwear

I want to talk about my underwear

This gear review has been a long time coming, for the past 4 years I've trusted ExOfficio GIVE-N-GO boxer briefs on every adventure I've been on. It honestly doesn't matter what type of adventure it is, I always make sure to pack my GIVE-N-GO boxer briefs. From camel rides in the Sahara to sleeping in snow dens in the backcountry of Montana, I know I've got a solid pair of underwear that will keep me dry and warm when it matters. More importantly, for the last half dozen international trips I have only packed 2-3 pairs of ExOfficio boxers for my entire trip. The beauty of these boxers is they are extremely quick drying, I am able to wash them at night in the shower and have a fresh pair of boxers in the morning. Plus, they are odor resistant with Aegis® Microbe Shield™ to eliminate odor-causing bacteria in fabric so I stay extra fresh on those long days. It really cuts down my pack size and weight when I can bring 7.5 oz (2.5 oz each) of underwear for a 3 week trip.  

As of this week, I just bought 4 more pairs of the new GIVE-N-GO sport mesh! Now my entire underwear drawer is filled with ExOfficio boxers. I already loved their GIVE-N-GO boxers briefs, but their newest breed of sport mesh are next level in my eyes. They are the first pair of boxers that I put on and thought "damn this is a nice pair of boxers". Before I had a pair I thought underwear was just underwear, but these feel like I'm wearing something designed for an astronaut. Seriously, they fit so well and the material is so comfortable I do feel like I'm wearing something from the future. 

Here are the tech details on the new GIVE-N-GO Sport Mesh 6" Inseam Boxer Brief

  • Black GIVE-N-GO® SPORT MESH 6Ultralight mesh fabric is soft and highly stretchy
  • Ergonomic fly panel constructed with classic Give-N-Go® mesh for extra support
  • Soft, comfortable waistband
  • Treated with Aegis® Microbe Shield™ to eliminate odor-causing bacteria in fabric
  • Extremely quick-drying and highly breathable
  • Available in 9" inseam
  • Wicking
  • Quick Drying
  • Inseam: 6"
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight (2.5 oz)
  • Odor Resistant


Check them out in action! Video of me sandboarding on our Exotic Morocco Tour in the Sahara Desert with not only ExOfficio boxers on, but I also had an ExOfficio shirt on that day as well!  

While writing this gear review I took a bathroom break and noticed that I have a pair of ExOfficio boxers on.... I love em! 

Your friendly adventurer,


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