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I Wanted To See Cats On My African Safari

I Wanted To See Cats On My African Safari

I’m a 5 time alumni and In October/November of 2013, I took my 5th Safari to Africa: the Best of Serengeti and Masai Mara Safari. This having been my 5th safari, I was selective in the parks I wanted to visit and more specifically, the wildlife I wanted to see and photograph. I wanted to see cats!

And of course I saw cats…big cats, little cats, newborn cats, old cats. On the first game drive in the Serengeti, we saw lion, leopard and cheetah. I couldn’t have been happier! In the Mara, I was privileged to see three 2-week old cheetahs, the mother had just brought them out of their hiding spot and we were among the first to see them. And on our last drive, we were able to see cheetah very up close and personal.

There are 3 cheetah siblings in the Mara who were taught by their mother that it was ok to jump on a game vehicle. Imagine my surprise when all of a sudden, while watching these 3 play in the early morning, they decided to get a better view from up high…on top of our truck. After some more play and some chewing on the spare tire, they made their way off the truck on on their way. I couldn’t have had a more memorable end to the trip.

Of course, I also saw many other animals and sights….elephants, rhino, antelope, wildebeest, giraffe, buffalo, zebra…the list is endless.

Just a few other thoughts….the Asilia camps in the Serengeti and Mara couldn’t have been better. The accommodations were perfect, the staff was friendly and knowledgable and the locations couldn’t have been better. A special thanks goes to our guide Onesmus at Rekaro who taught me a few photography tricks for shooting wildlife. When working to plan this trip, Jeff Stivers planned for me to meet and spend some time with the directors of the Mara Cheetah Project and the Mara Lion Project as part of my request to know more about cats. They made a special stop at Rekaro to speak with us.

This trip was also special to me for another reason. I had taken the 1st 4 trips on my own. It was always so hard to explain Africa to people and friends who had never been there….words don’t do it justice and neither do pictures. This trip I was able to convince a dear friend to accompany me. She now understands Africa and I hope she will take another trip with me.

Of course, another trip to Africa is in the future, hopefully next year.

All the best,

Mauree Talman  

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