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Best Travel Destinations to Avoid the Crowds


One of the best ways to experience a destination is to avoid overtouristed areas for alternative destinations that are just as alluring and rich with culture but much less traveled. Sadly, many destinations have been overrun from the sheer amount of travelers flocking to these popular destinations. Instead of fighting the crowds discover Bahia, Brazil's best-kept secret or the Istria Peninsula of Croatia. Think about exploring the Katavi wilderness in Tanzania or the multi-colored canyons of Northern Argentina! Here are just a few of our favorite regions and destinations that are often overlooked but offer incredible experiences for all types of travelers.   

Chapada Diamantina National Park, in the state of Bahia, will get you deep into nature and far away from any crowds. One of Brazil's best kept secrets, it offers a wealth of hiking trails, waterfalls, hidden pools, caves, and historic mining towns, all surrounded by spectacular sheer rock walls and table top mountains! To learn more, check out our trip Mountains, Caves, and Coast: Brazil Trekking Adventure.

Escape to remote Bhutan and explore the last Mahayana Bhuddhist Kingdom, where the spinning of prayer wheels, the murmur of mantras, and the glow of butter lamps are still important features of everyday life. Enjoy a range of cultural and hiking activities in this peaceful country. To learn more, read our blog Break Away From Routine in Mystical Bhutan or view our trip Central Bhutan Walking Adventure.

Skip the crowded parks of Patagonia for Argentina's Northwest provinces of Salta and Juyjuy, known for lively folk music, zesty cuisine, dramatic canyons, desert landscapes, and its cultural heritage. Add the vinicultural paradise of Mendoza and you have the culinary and cultural adventure of a lifetime! Check out or tip Wines, Cultures and Canyon-lands: Mendoza and the Northwest to learn more.

Explore Colombia's most wild and remote lands; the high Andes, inter-Andean valleys, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains, and the remote waters of the Colombian Amazon! With many indigenous groups and over twenty percent of the world's bird species, Colombia is a paradise for nature lovers and cultural enthusiasts. Read our blog How to Prepare for the Colombian Amazon or check out our trip Colombia Wildlands and Wildlife for more info.

Ditch the crowded city streets of Dubrovnik and head north to Croatia's Istria Peninsula for rolling hills, cobblestone streets, and farm to table cuisine. Wander through wineries and olive groves, go truffle hunting or explore the enchanting seaside towns and historic ruins along the turquoise Adriatic Sea. Read our blog Digging for Gastronomic Gold in Istria for more info or check out our trip, Croatia Culinary Adventure.

Forget the crowded beaches of Bali and sail among the hundreds of islands of the Raja Ampat Archipelago. Explore steep, rugged coastlines covered in virgin rainforest and discover the breathtaking underwater landscape of the Ceram Sea, home to seventy percent of the known coral species on the planet. To learn more read our blog Indonesia Travel: So Much More Than Bali or view our trip Snorkel and Kayak Raja Ampat.

 The Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater steal the show in Tanzania, but there are some magical places to be found where you can really leave the crowds behind such as Katavi National Park. This park only sees about 1000 visitors per year and it's close to Mahale National Park, the best place to see chimps in Tanzania! Read our blog Ever Heard of the Katavi? or check our out trip Wild West Tanzania Safari.

Experience a walking safari in Zambia and hike between remote bushcamps in the vast wilderness of South Luangwa National Park. You won't find any crowds here, just luxurious accommodations, expert guides, and amazing wildlife, all amidst the lush foliage, peaceful river banks, and lagoons of Zambia. Check out our trip South Luangwa Walking Safari.

Often overlooked, Costa Rica's remote Caribbean coast offers a wealth of activities but is seldom visited. It offers the perfect getaway from the crowds with rich cultural experiences, active adventures, snorkeling coral reefs, and all of the rainforest, wildife, and waterfalls and Costa Rica is known for. Read Into the Jungle or view our Undiscovered Caribbean Adventure.

Looking for help planning your next adventure? That's what we do best; We're here to help you craft the perfect itinerary. Give us a call if you have any questions about any of our worldwide destinations of if you just want to talk travel.

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