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Inca Trail to Machu Picchu - Guest Review


Sara and Gary Frings recently checked off a trip they had been wanting to take for over 20 year; the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. The Fringes, Wildland alumni, had previously visited Zambia and Botswana, and having a great experience with us, decided to travel again, with their two sons, to Peru on our Inca Trail Trek and Amazon Adventure. 

"Our trip to South Africa, Botswana and Zambia a few years ago was so amazing, we figured we couldn't go wrong."

They loved their guides because they were passionate and knowledgeable about everything and they went above and beyond, even helping them find laundry services after the trek.

"Our guides, Nick and Oscar were both extraordinary. They were both intelligent, highly knowledgeable and personable. They contributed greatly to our enjoyment and appreciation of our surroundings."

They were well prepared for their trip but offered some great packing advise for future travelers.

"The packing list recommendations were excellent. The only thing I would add is to bring sheepskin slippers with soles to wear in camp on the Inca Trail. I took mine out at the last minute and regretted it -- it's great to be able to take off the hiking boots after a long day, but it's too cold to wear sandals at night."

"The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu portion of the trip was so amazing, it was the highlight of our trip." - Sara & Gary Frings, Wildland Alumni

With over 30 years of adventure travel experience, we can help you craft the perfect adventure! For more information about Inca Trail trips and visiting Machu Picchu contact Kelsey, our South America expert.

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