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India Guest Review: "Wildland does India right"

great-indian-hornbill-998001_1280 Great Indian Hornbill

The Younkers are long-time Wildland alumni and just completed their 3rd trip to India with us. This time they wanted to experience the Hornbill Festival in Nagaland and the wildlife of West Bengal. They had a fascinating trip and shared their highlights with us upon return.

"As you know, travel in India has many wonderful attributes: terrific birds and wildlife, fascinating culture and history, colorful sights and sounds, and warm, welcoming people. Of course, there are many less than positive things about India: poor air quality, horrible roads, world class traffic jams, congestion and other travel challenges. But our trip was consistently dominated by the positives due to a carefully designed itinerary, proper pacing, appropriate accommodations that blend with the experience, attention to efficient and effective transfers between locations, trip leadership and some luck. Wildland does it right and works to combine the elements in the best way."

"We loved the Hornbill Festival coupled with the mobile tent camp. The trip up there was long and difficult because of road work but once we got there it was a special experience. You were absolutely right to stay firm with us on staying at the tented camp. With the camp's location and overall ambiance, the Hornbill Festival was indeed a wonderful experience. We loved everything about the time in Kaziranga, the great diversity of birds and wildlife, and fascinating safari rides. Luck entered the picture here as we saw a couple of tigers on the last day!"

The countryside at Glenburn Tea Estate

"We really enjoyed the time at Glenburn Tea Estate because of the wonderful accommodations and service, friendly staff, and interesting fellow travelers. Here we had the second bit of good luck with three crystal clear mornings to view the first light on the Himalayan range. This is indeed a special experience. We also can't say enough about our guide Harendra. We have taken well over 70 international trips and he is the very best! He is knowledgeable, an out standing naturalist, and an experienced trip leader. But far more than that, he is a wonderful travel companion with a great sense of humor and a passion and enthusiasm for all aspects of the trip. He gets as excited as we do when he spots something of interest. It is relaxing and fun to travel with him. All the travel challenges of India seem to melt away with all of the details handled." - The Younkers

To learn more about trips to India give us a call at 800-345-4453 or email our program director, Jeff Rober.

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