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India Guest Review: "A photographers paradise."


Paul and his wife joined our special Founder's Journey to India, "Diving Into Immortality" in February 2019, a trip that can only be repeated every 3, 6 or 12 years depending on the alignment of the planets when sadhus, saints, and mystics gather for the Kumbh Mela spiritual festival. It is the largest gathering of humanity on the planet. 

Paul gets his turban fitted for the Golden Temple.

In his retirement, Paul has dived deep into photography having learned from experts in the classroom and in the field on photography trips. He always carried a heavy pack with two cameras at the ready, one long telephoto and a wide angle. They added a week together in Rajasthan before our group trip to the Golden Temple, Varanasi and the Kumbh Mela gathering, and then Paul wanted to add-on another week to go find tigers in the jungles of Central India.

With a good eye, experienced hand, and great equipment, Paul brought home some spectacular images that he organized into two galleries: 1) The People of India, and 2) The Wildlife of India. Many of the rest of us in the group were using cell phone cameras and smaller point-and-shoot. The people of India are so welcoming and colorful, and the animals are so close, Paul will be the first to admit you don't need all that equipment to get good pictures--but it certainly helps to get better pics. Check out Paul's photo galleries, with lots of tigers, and comments about his Wildland Adventure in India. 

"We saw a notice for the Founder's Trip and the spiritual emphasis with the Kumbh really caught our interest. We then investigated Wildland Adventures and they checked out. I always thought India would be a photographer's paradise, and I was right. The trip had three distinct parts; Rajasthan, Spiritual India, and Jungle Safari, which were all amazing. With Rajasthan to start and tiger parks at the end, I think that going to India for the first time could not have been a better balance of experiences. I can't imagine a more diverse, culturally rewarding, and fun experience."

"I loved the Rajasthan markets and people, the incredible color of the holy men in Varanasi and the Khumb, the poignant day at the Mother Ganga [Ganges River] watching the very spiritual Indians wash their sins away, and of course the tigers and the villages of the jungle."

The People of India Slideshow 

"Our guide, Indrajit, was amazing. I have heard him referred to as the best guide in India and I believe it. The local guides we had in Rajasthan were all really good too. The number of contact points and transfers were many and the people were always there waiting with a smile. The wonderful welcoming spirit of the Indian people, the incredible dedication and commitment of the Indian holy men, the smiling faces of the children and constant waving and selfie requests really stood out. It was a really great trip.

If you're going to India be prepared for dirty streets and air, and complete chaos in the streets....but if you can get beyond this you will not find a more different and varied and rewarding experience anywhere."

Paul Milley, Wildland Alumni

Wildlife Safari Slideshow

To learn more about trips to India give us a call at 800-345-4453 or email our program director, Jeff Rober.

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