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Into the Jungle


The Indigenous Bribri people of Costa Rica live deep in the Talamanca rainforest near the coastal Caribbean, where the campesinos (farmers) grow plantains and cacao among other produce. Their ancient culture is steeped in tradition and they speak their own language, Bribri, as well as Spanish. The "Undiscovered Caribbean Costa Rica Adventure" is one of my favorite trips to send people on because guests get to interact with different cultures in a deeper way. It isn't an ordinary vacation and it takes a greater sense of daring than many. 

This trip gets people off the beaten path to travel deep inside a region of Costa Rica where traditional life prevails and where most travelers normally don't venture. The isolated Talamanca Mountains and lowland rainforests are the home to a mosaic of cultures and one of the few places where you will find Afro-Caribbean, Bribri, and the Cabécar people living in the same region. To get to the cultural exchange with the Bribri you take a traditional dugout canoe ride on the Yorkin river, deep into the tropical rainforest, into Bribri territory. 

Guests get to share, help, and laugh with their hosts as they learn about weaving, archery, and chocolate making. I love hearing about guests' experiences as they discover a sense of unity and joy, knowing that they are part of an environmentally friendly vacation that strengthens local organizations and contributes to the economic well-being of the community. This unique experience is what makes Wildland standout and why people travel with us. Not only do they get to see the world and connect with a new culture in a meaningful way but they also get to help families and preserve their culture, traditions, and environment.

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P.S. Below are some guest reviews from this trip! 

​"I would suggest to other travelers to be prepared for a great adventure! There are a lot of activities and it is well organized. Our family had a ton of fun trying new things. My teenagers really had a good time."

by Rita, Wildland Alumni

The Undiscovered Caribbean Costa Rica Adventure is not a typical pampered vacation, but more of an adventure. All the efforts to see and explore were worth it! Travelers need to be prepared to sometimes be hot or wet or tired, but the rewards are unbelievable. The reason why we chose this trip was because we loved the adventure and ability to meet locals. This was the highlight of the tour. The Caribbean side was charming and beautiful. Loved the Afro-Caribbean people, the indigenous people, the local campesinos (farmers), and the atmosphere/beaches. We had such a wonderful time and hassle free!"

by Susan, Wildland Alumni
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