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Is it Safe to Travel to Colombia?

Is it Safe to Travel to Colombia
Each month as part of my Closer Look Series I'll be answering questions from our alumni. This month Wildland Alumni S. Harrison asked: Is it safe to travel to Colombia?

By all means, everywhere we travel in Colombia it is as safe as it is traveling in any other Andean country, with the exception of Venezuela. Neither do you need to be concerned about drug cartels, which were broken and what remains of the drug trade driven underground, nor do you need to be concerned about pickpockets here than any other South American country.

I appreciate that Colombia has been a country at war in recent times, but a peace accord has been signed between the government and among guerilla factions—who have entered into the political system. Colombians voted on the peace accord so the citizenry across the country are now enjoying the security of a peaceful country that allows them to travel freely and safely. You will notice friendly military police (who like to wave and smile at tourists) checking vehicle registrations and monitoring transport on major roadways, especially to keep oil and other products flowing in from neighboring countries duty-free. When I was in Cartagena last week, there was a large gathering of locals watching a movie being cast on the wall of the city fortress about the peace accord. It was hosted by a non-profit community group as a reminder about how peace was established, factions reconciled and how Colombian families were able to reunite. Peace is at hand and Colombians have everything to keep the peace (and invite tourists to visit)!

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