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Is the Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National park for kids? ABSOLUTELY!

Is the Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National park for kids? ABSOLUTELY!

Some of our wilder Wildland family travelers want their children to experience the most secluded, pristine and off-the-beaten-path areas of Costa Rica!  This was the case with Katherine and Jeremy, two nature lovers who wanted to show their children (Oscar and Lucia) the magic of the lush tropical forest. They decided their first trip would be to Costa Rica to visit the Osa Peninsula and Manuel Antonio.  Here is what they shared about their:

Oscar is a nature enthusiast who loves to explore the rainforest not only at the ground level but at the canopy level too, where most wildlife is found.

"Hi Grettel,
Thanks for helping us plan such a wonderful trip! It truly exceeded all our expectations. In particular, I am so thankful that you encouraged us to visit the Osa and La Paloma Lodge at Drake Bay which was the highlight of our trip. What a magical place! We are longing to go back some day soon. La Paloma Lodge was the perfect fit for our group- Jess and all the staff were absolutely wonderful as were our guides for the Mangrove, Sirena (which we did 2 times), and Cano island tours. We are dreaming of another trip to Costa Rica, combining a visit to Osa/Corcovado again with some other regions. Manuel Antonio was lovely but felt a bit too crowded and touristy after Drake Bay! Though Si Como No was really fun for the kids. We will certainly contact you and Wildland adventures again to help us plan our next visit. 

This image gives you a good idea of the wildness of the places you visit in the Osa Peninsula

I can't say enough about how wonderful, knowledgeable, and friendly our local guides were. Randall led our Mangrove tour and Vincent led our 2 visits to Sirena and the Cano Island snorkeling trip. I didn't fully appreciate until we were there how essential it is to have excellent guides when your focus is seeing wildlife, especially in the rainforest where things can be hard to spot! We would love to do future trips with the same guides. My son, Oscar, absolutely ADORED them both. Vincent in particular was so nice to him and is now one of his heroes! In Manuel Antonio, we also had an excellent guide named Mauricio.

What we enjoyed the most was watching my 8 year old son experience the rainforest and so much wildlife (as well as experiencing it ourselves!). It was a dream come true for him and all of us. Every day you see something (usually many things) new and amazing. We all feel transformed by the experience. Oscar just shared his wildlife/travel journal with his class yesterday and will present a slideshow next week and is glowing with happiness about the whole experience.

My husband and I learned, too, that as a family, it's really worth it for us to seek out more challenging, "off-the-beaten-track" travel experiences. I think this makes Wildland Adventures a really good fit for us!"

They must have had a good time because in less than a week they're returning to Costa Rica and the Osa Peninsula where they had their last wonderful experience. But, this time they will also be exploring the remote Tortuguero National Park where many more surprises are waiting for them.  Let's see what Oscar and Lucia have to share from their new adventure!

Check out this short picture gallery of kids in the wild and consider visiting more 'off-the-beaten-paths areas in Costa Rica and any other destination you visit!  I have been planning family travel to Costa Rica for over two decades and have plenty of advice on excellent, safe areas to take your kids for a more pristine Wild experience.  If you are interested in visiting Central America with the kids next, I'm just a phone call or email away.  Hope to hear from you soon!


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