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It is a banner year for wildlife sightings in India

It is a banner year for wildlife sightings in India

Even before our travelers return home, we hear about their wildlife sightings. 2 couples spent a week in Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Satpura parks and according to their Indian escort, they saw “18 different tigers, 4 Leopard, 8 Wild dogs, 8 Sloth bear, 1 Rusty Spotted Cat and lot of different species of birds. I must say it was great sighting.”  They were on a custom wildlife trip to India that I designed for them based on our Tigers and Travels in India.

Photo by Julie Newsome
Sloth bear, photo by Julie Newsome.rusty spotted cat (photo from wikicommons)

Rusty Spotted Cat? Huh? I had to look that one up. Turns out it is the smallest member of the cat family and found only in India and Sri Lanka.

2 weeks ago, one couple spent 3 days at a new lodge in Pench National Park, Jamtara, and they also spotted “Tiger in her very first drive apart from Wild dog, Jackal and many other species of birds”.

A third group spent several days in Kanha and Bandhavgarh parks. They also saw jackal, tigers, leopards, and too many birds to name. They have 5000 photos to sift through so keep your eyes on this page for a sampling soon! It is a good sign that they called the tigers they spotted “our tigers”.

This is all very gratifying as it gives us hope that the tigers, leopards and other wildlife will retain a presence in South Asia! 

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