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Kermit the frog lives in the tropics!

Kermit the frog lives in the tropics!

Some of the smallest things you’ll see in Costa Rica are frogs! Because of a recent discovery, today I’m going to talk about glass frogs. These creatures are usually 2-3 centimeters in length and come in a variety of colors, but usually green. They have forward pointing eyes just like one of the better-known frogs we grew up with - Kermit from the Muppets! Here in Costa Rica we call it La Rana Rene. The latest frog discovered in Costa Rica has a remarkable resemblance to Kermit, it was named Diane's Bare-Hearted Glassfrog in honor of the senior author’s mother Janet Diane Kubicki. The three authors are Brian Kubicki, Stanley Salazar, and Robert Puschendorf.

You typically find these frogs near streams holding onto leaves or branches. They lay their eggs close to the water and when tadpoles are ready to hatch they normally get washed into a stream or river with help from the rain.

Picture from the Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center

Glass frogs get their name by having transparent skin on their bellies. If you look, you’d see their heart and the digestive tract. They are also known to have green colored bones. When visiting Costa Rica, finding these amazing creatures in the wild or at a park is always a thrill. Many are easily overlooked and are almost invisible even to the most determined individual, your best chances are to have a naturalist guide with a trained eye to find them for you. Glass Frogs also have a unique call, it’s a very high-frequency metallic sound and most of us can’t even hear it. Even though they look cute, the newly discovered frog is said to be very territorial and is known to grapple fiercely with other males who visit their territory. 

As for the Kermit look a likes, they were discovered on the slopes along the Caribbean Coast, between 400-900 meters above sea level. It was in 1973, when the last Glass Frog was discovered in Costa Rica. The Country is known to have 14 different types of Glass Frogs within the territory. At a time when we are losing a lot of amphibians, it’s indeed great news to discover not just a new one but a cute one!.

Picture from the Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center

Our Undiscovered Caribbean Costa Rica Adventure gives a great opportunity to see these amazing creatures in the wild as you visit the Veraguas Rainforest & Adventure Park as well as other secluded lowland rainforest areas with your private naturalist guide. 

I'll close with a quote from Kermit the frog:

"Take a look above you, discover the view. If you haven't noticed, please do, please do, pleased do!"

Your friendly Tica,

Grettel (Usha) Calderon

Kermit the frog 'going wild' in the tropics!

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