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Larger than life trip to Jordan

Once in awhile, something comes along that truly fires the imagination, capturing a long-buried fantasy. For me, that idea can be found alive & well in our Bedouin Trek to Petra, and I believe this is what the good folks at National Geographic Traveler also recognized when they selected the Trek for their 2013 “50 Tours of a Lifetime.” Petra itself is every American kid’s holy grail – a fabulous, larger-than-life “lost city” hidden away behind steep, impenetrable walls. Add to that the notion of reaching this object of desire by way of trekking across rocky mountain passes, through brilliant sandstone river valleys, and camping with Bedouins –Bedouins, for petes sake! - under starry desert skies, and you have the stuff of every adventurous day dreamer’s dearest fantasy. But of course a successful trip is not made of fantasy alone, and with the Bedouin Trek to Petra’s seamless support structure, comfortable accommodations and a top-notch, internationally recognized adventure guide, you do indeed have a “Trip of a Lifetime!” We invite you to join us this Fall for our departures in October and November!
Your friendly Jordan expert,
Sherry Howland
Ready for a trip to Jordan? Bedouin Trek to Petra (11 Days) or Jordan Explorer (11 Days)
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