Luxury Resort, Arenal Nayara, Opens Sloth Sanctuary

Arenal Nayara , a luxury resort near the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica, has always been a favorite of mine, but it just got even better; or should I say slower? A leader in conservation, the resort has been planting Cepropia trees, the main food source for the resident sloths and overtime the sloth popula...
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New Zealand & Nature Rank Highest in Women's Travel Survey

The results of our women's travel survey are in and we're excited to share them! We polled our women alumni and women who had never traveled with us and asked them if they were interested in women's travel,  where they wanted to go next, what they want to do on trips, and why they like/want to travel with other women. We were ex...
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8 Reasons to Experience Ethiopia, the Land of Legends

Legends live in a cloud of uncertainty, loosely believed by many, even though they are unverifiable. Ethiopia, the oldest country on the continent of Africa, is a land full of legends , believed to be the birthplace of mankind, coffee, and the Queen of Sheba. Whether or not the legends are true or merely myth is not the point; legends esp...
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Wrapping up our 30th-Anniversary

Kurt and Anne Kutay - 30 years in travel
As we wrap up our 30th-anniversary celebration, our team here at Wildland Adventures invites you to take a moment to reflect on our journey together. It's been a long, wonderful path to now, so be sure to check out our timeline of the 30 Wildest Years Ever , as well as a great video with Wildland Alumni Jeff and Jane Zimmerman sharing stories of th...
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Tanzania Guest Review: Hunting with the Hadzabe

​Jim and Donna recently embarked on a private departure of our  Serengeti Wilderness Safari and returned with rave reviews and tons of great photos. They especially enjoyed their day with the Hadzabe hunters, a nomadic group of people who still live entirely off the land like their ancestors have for thousands of years. Here are some of their ...
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