The National Parks of Northern Tanzania: The Serengeti

  The Serengeti National Park really needs little introduction. The very name elicits echoes of the Lion King's "Circle of Life" soundtrack, yet this place is so much better than any mere movie. I recently spent over a week just in this park alone and it still wasn't enough. From the endless horizon-to-horizon plains, the bonanza of ...
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Why Africa is Honeymoon Heaven

Planning a wedding is a lot of work; your honeymoon should be the easy part right? Unfortunately, with the whole world at your fingertips, the idea of finding the perfect honeymoon can be daunting. The good news is there's one continent that has absolutely everything . . . AFRICA! Typically not a sought after honeymoon dest...
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Costa Rica Hotel Review: Hotel Lagarta Lodge

I love planning authentic trips for travelers to experience Costa Rica so it's always exciting when I find new boutique hotels that are unique, secluded and less touristy. Normally I wait for a new hotel to go through its first 'high season' to make sure all the elements are fine-tuned but recently my family ...
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New Himalayan Wildlife Quest for the Snow Leopard

snow leopard
Extraordinary wildlife encounters like this are few and far between for most travelers. Some species are so rare and elusive only a handful of intrepid travelers seek them out. The "Grey Ghost" of the Himalayas almost sounds like mythical folklore, and the quest to find it is alluring. Now the chances to see them are better than ever. We are excite...
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Wildland Women Talk Travel: Part 3 (Laura Cahill)

Born into a military family, the travel bug bit Laura Cahill early as she traveled all over the US with her family as a child. She earned a Master's Degree in Cultural Geography, where her research took her to the Republic of Georgia, researching families involved in rural to urban migration. While leading a group...
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