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Be Moved by the Mountains

Be Moved by the Mountains

Being surrounded by raw natural beauty stirs the soul in ways that we as humans can feel and recognize but perhaps not accurately describe. Recent Wildland traveler Steve Fors, who embarked on our Machu Picchu Mountain Lodges Trek in March, very eloquently summed up his experience trekking through the Cordillera Vilcabamba. 

“Our trekking guides Manolo and Darwin were off-the-chart fabulous in every way. My favorite moments for the trip were as follows; we went out on the upstairs deck at Salkantay Lodge, shut off all nearby lights and saw the most spectacular stars I have ever seen. While the sky above us was clear, there were thunderstorms nearby. The valley below lit up several times. Then lightning lit up Mt. Salkantay and its neighbors several times.

When we hiked over Salkantany Pass, the mountain was obscured by clouds and fog. The next morning we awakened to clear sky, the first rays of morning sun hitting the peak of Mt. Salkantay. The beauty literally brought tears to my eyes.

The hike up Salkantay pass was a very difficult challenge. Successfully conquering it was deeply satisfying. And let me add: some of your info described the trip as a “spiritual experience” and I confess I rolled my eyes when I read that. Now I know what you mean.”

Thanks Steve, we know what you mean too! Our Peru Program Director Kirsten is just mad about the mountains. Contact her to discuss what treks are possible on your next trip!!

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