Looking out to the Indian Himalayas


As I kick back in my comfy chair on Itemenaan Estate's patio, looking out to the Himalayas, I am struck by the vastness. Perhaps all the fresh air makes me contemplative while I watch the sky and wait for Nanda Devi and other mountain peaks to make an appearance through the clouds.

A recurring theme on my trip to India is size – size of the world and how long it takes to fly here, size of these mountains, depth of the landscape and the crowds of people. I know I should expect this, as according to 2011 census data India is the second most populous country in the world with over 1.21 billion people, or more than 1/6th of the world’s population!

No wonder at times India feels like the real world on steroids. Here colors appear brighter, sounds seem louder and smells more intense. There is so much to look at, not just when you are visiting a temple, palace or market, but even when you are riding in a car. While I explore India, this intensity gives me energy and keeps me guessing as I never know what I will find around the next corner.

More the reason to enjoy the quiet times built into our trips to India and the refuges we provide such as this lovely traditional home in the Himalayan foothills.

Watching the weather drama unfold over the mountains, I am also struck by the variety of the landscape. Here in 10 hours I can travel from the colorful deserts of Rajasthan to the lush hills of the Himalayas or over to arobeal forests where tigers dwell.
When I help our guests plan their adventures in India, we usually have to hold back and make sure not to try to fit in too many locales in one trip. And there is no need because each place has many layers of interest which can be peeled back like an onion.
Let me craft an itinerary for you where you can experience India's vibrancy and then provide you with a cozy room or soothing pool to return to at day's end.

On that note, back to my chai and book….

Wildest regards,

Laura Finkelstein
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